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2022 Texas Pro Results

The bodybuilding world is buzzing in the aftermath of the Texas Pro, which was held on the weekend of Aug. 12 and 13 in Irving, Texas. That’s because of the final moments of the men’s open contest, which came down to the wire in the eyes of the judges. The top four finishers were brought back out for extra comparisons during the Saturday night finals, which was obviously a treat for the fans in attendance. In the end, a new star was born in the Lone Star State. Here is the recap of what happened.

Men’s Open

Winner - Chinedu Andrew Obiekea (Andrew Jacked)

Chinedu Andrew Obiekea is known by another name, Andrew Jacked, and that is actually what he prefers to be known as. This was his pro debut, and he had just won his pro card at the 2022 Arnold Amateur in March of this year. While he was considered someone with a promising future, not many had him coming in and beating this lineup. He did more than that, he convincingly took the win by winning both rounds of judging. He was huge, ripped, and will be a problem for the men competing in the Olympia.

2nd - Martin Fitzwater

Another surprise came in the runner-up position. Martin Fitzwater was outsized by Jacked, but he was shredded and confident. His career took another big step forward by beating veterans such as Steve Kuclo, Kamal Elgargni, and the rest of the lineup. Fitzwater has a lot of potential to be a star in the future, and if he competes again this season, he may take a win himself.

3rd - Steve Kuclo

Unfortunately for Kuclo, this is the second straight year he was beat in his home state. He appeared to be frustrated when he was announced in third place, but that was where the judges had him on the scorecards for both rounds. The rest of the top ten are as follows.

  1. Chinedu Andrew Obiekea (Andrew Jacked)
  2. Martin Fitzwater
  3. Steve Kuclo
  4. Kamal Elgargni
  5. Quinton Eriya
  6. Jephte Cherenfant
  7. Carlos Emmanuel Longoria Rodriguez
  8. Phil Clahar
  9. Joe Mackey
  10. Eddie Bracamontes



The 212 title was won by Kerrith Bajjo, who now is added to the Olympia 212 lineup that will be featured in Las Vegas this December. There was no doubt who was winning as soon as he took the stage. This was the best he ever looked. Canada’s Cody Drobot finished as the runner-up, and this is his second top five finish this year. He was fourth in the Tampa Pro. Jordan Janowitz rounded out the top three.

Winner - Kerrith Bajjo

2nd - Cody Drobot

3rd - Jordan Janowitz

  1. Kerrith Bajjo
  2. Cody Drobot
  3. Jordan Janowitz
  4. Ricky Moten Jr.
  5. Martin Gomez
  6. Ahmed Elwardany
  7. Stephen Didoshak
  8. Carlos A. Rodriguez Hernandez
  9. David Robinson
  10. Kevin Johnson


Classic Physique

Courage Opara is on a mission to make a big impact at the Olympia, and momentum is swinging in his favor because he won his second straight Classic Physique contest by taking the Texas Pro title. Only one round was scored for this division, and the judges opted to give second place to Valentin Petrov of Bulgaria, who moved up from third place in Tampa. Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallagos finished in third place. That is his first top three finish of his career.

Winner - Courage Opara

2nd - Valentin Petrov

3rd - Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallagos

  1. Courage Opara
  2. Valentin Petrov
  3. Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallagos
  4. John Le
  5. Florian Poirson
  6. Ashwin Lucas
  7. Jared Thompson
  8. Vincent Krause
  9. Matt Maldonado
  10. Adam Thomas


Men’s Physique

The Men’s Physique division is getting more competitive with each contest. Daniel Ammons is on a winning streak, having won his second straight Men’s Physique show. He was also the champion in Tampa. This is his sixth pro win. Coming in second was Andrei Lincan, and third place went to Charjo Grant, who won in Vancouver earlier this year.

Winner - Daniel Ammons

2nd - Andrei Lincan

3rd - Charjo Grant

  1. Daniel Ammons
  2. Andrei Lincan
  3. Charjo Grant
  4. Jeremiah Maxey
  5. Jeremy Coleman
  6. Stan Morrison
  7. Micah Thomas Jr.
  8. George Brown
  9. Anthony Gilkes
  10. Zach Savole


Women’s Physique

On the women’s side of the stage, Melissa Teich made her season debut, and she has now added her name to the list of Women’s Physique Olympia contenders, with defending champion Sarah Villegas in attendance. This was Teich’s third pro win. Pamela Canfield scored the highest finish of her pro career so far by taking second place, and coming in third was second year pro and former Arnold Amateur winner Ana Harias.

Winner - Melissa Teich

2nd - Pamela Canfield

3rd - Ana Harias

  1. Melissa Teich
  2. Pamela Canfield
  3. Ana Harias
  4. Ashley Jones
  5. Gessica Campbell
  6. DeSunka Dawson
  7. Heather Grace
  8. Ashlynn Richardson
  9. Rulying Bian
  10. Michele Steeves



Jessica Reyes Padilla also scored a second consecutive victory in as many weeks by taking the win at this show. Autumn Cleveland took second place, and is now in second place in the Olympia Qualification Series. The top three finishers in all divisions of that system also move on to the Olympia as well. Third place went to Tamara Barrett, who was making her pro debut after winning her pro card the 2022 NPC USA contest.

Winner - Jessica Reyes Padilla

2nd - Autumn Cleveland

3rd - Tamera Barrett

  1. Jessica Reyes Padilla
  2. Autumn Cleveland
  3. Tamera Barrett
  4. Felisha Livezey
  5. Jennifer Zienart
  6. Jessica L. Kendrick
  7. Larhannah Robinson
  8. Ashley Felperin
  9. Amie Mock
  10. Martina Yabekova



Daraja Hill was fifth in Tampa, and she clearly made adjustments because she came in to the Texas Pro with a leaner physique and more confidence. It paid off because she now has an Olympia qualification to go with her first win of the season. Jodie Yuncker and Roxana Marquez rounded out the top three. Both of those ladies are still searching for their first wins of the season.

Winner - Daraja Hill

2nd - Jodie Yuncker

3rd - Roxana Marquez

  1. Daraja Hill
  2. Jodie Yuncker
  3. Roxana Marquez
  4. Jordan Brannon
  5. Shelby Pierce
  6. Anya Nicholson
  7. Hope Castelli
  8. Tamekla Carter
  9. Carla Garthwaite
  10. Monica Rubio



As for the Wellness division, Devyn Cambre has now scored her first pro victory by taking the win over a very competitive Lili Dong, who improve on her fourth-place finish in Tampa. Amanda Burnett setttled for the bronze spot in this contest.

Winner - Devyn Cambre

2nd -  Lili Dong

3rd - Amanda Burnett

  1. Devyn Cambre
  2. Lili Dong
  3. Amanda Burnett
  4. Diana Laura Verduzco Carreno
  5. Jen Scarborough Zollars
  6. Priscilla Lynd
  7. Haley Johnson
  8. Brooke Donnelly
  9. Daniela Esquivel Castillo
  10. Celeste Morales

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