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2022 Texas Pro Predictions

People in Texas are getting ready for football season, but they’re also excited about bodybuilding. The 2022 Texas Pro will be held on the weekend of August 12th and 13th at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas. There will be four men’s divisions and four women’s divisions holding contests with Olympia qualifications on the line. Here’s who we think we leave the Lone Star State with their reservations to Las Vegas in place.



In 2021, Steve Kuclo was expected to win the contest and qualify for the Olympia, but Iain Valliere shocked the world by beating the hometown favorite. As a result, Kuclo didn’t make it to the Olympia at all. We don’t expect lightning to strike twice. The Kingsnake is seeking redemption, and he will get it on his home turf.

Standing in his way will be former Olympia 212 champion Kamal Elgargni. He was the best conditioned athlete one week ago in Tampa, but he was outsized by Akim Williams, who won. Kuclo can’t be off, or Elgargni will snag his first pro open win. He can do it.

Joseph Mackey placed fourth in Tampa, and momentum is on his side. He got very strong in his offseason, to the tune of deadlifting 900 pounds, and that strength translated into density. A top three finish for him here is realistic.

Steve Kuclo

Kamal Elgargni

Joseph Mackey

  1. Morgan Aste
  2. Eddie Bracamontes
  3. Ed Brown
  4. Seongmin Chae
  5. Jephte Cherenfant
  6. Phil Clahar
  7. Kamal Elgargni
  8. Seth Engman
  9. Nathan Epler
  10. Quinton Eriya
  11. Martin Fitzwater
  12. Roman Fritz
  13. Daniel Korman
  14. Steve Kuclo
  15. Seungchul Lee
  16. Joseph Mackey
  17. Chinedu Andrew Obiekea
  18. Jossue Plascencia
  19. Brandon Rashad
  20. Carlos Emmanuel Longoria Rodriguez
  21. Cedric Scott



Kerrith Bajjo finished second in Tampa, and there were a couple of arguments he could’ve won. That momentum will serve him well in this deep lineup. Canada’s own Cody Drobot (4th) and Ricky Moten Jr. (5th) represented themselves well in Florida as well. They will likely be in the top three at this show.

Kerrith Bajjo

Ricky Moten Jr.

Cody Drobot

  1. Mohammad Alissa
  2. Kerrith Bajjo
  3. Stephen Didoshak
  4. Cody Drobot
  5. Ahmed Elwardany
  6. Martin Gomez
  7. Shaun Harley
  8. Carlos A. Rodriguez Hernandez
  9. Ho Yeon Jang
  10. Jordan Janowitz
  11. Kevin Johnson
  12. Seonghwan Kim
  13. Michael Lacombe
  14. Andre McShan
  15. Ricky Moten Jr.
  16. David Robinson
  17. Deron Trotter



Courage Opara won in Tampa, and he’s looking to develop a winning streak heading into the Olympia by entering this show as well. We don’t see anyone standing in his way of doing that, Valentin Petrov was third in Tampa, and Kim Santos came in fifth. Top three placings for those athletes are very realistic.

Courage Opara

Valentin Petrov

Kim Santos

  1. Harold J. Bright Jr.
  2. Derek Ewing
  3. Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallegos
  4. Isaiah Hilton
  5. Vincent Krause
  6. John Le
  7. Ashwin Lucas
  8. Matt Maldonado
  9. Vladimir Markov
  10. Courage Opara
  11. Valentin Petrov
  12. Florian Poirson
  13. Jicheng Qian
  14. Kim Santos
  15. Dominic Semenza
  16. Aaron Sparenberg
  17. Adam Thomas
  18. Jared Thompson



As of this writing, there are 31 competitors in this lineup. Multiple Olympia competitors are in this show, including 2022 Vancouver Pro winner Charjo Grant, seven-time pro winner George Brown, and Micah Thomas Jr. We feel that Grant can and will score his second win of 2022, with Thomas and Brown rounding out the top three.

Charjo Grant

George Brown

Micah Thomas Jr.

  1. Daniel Ammons
  2. Chidube Anene
  3. Anthony Asberry
  4. Ike Black
  5. Josh Bridgman
  6. George Brown
  7. Ramon Cervantes
  8. Jeremy Coleman
  9. Joshua Dennison
  10. Anthony Gilkes
  11. Charjo Grant
  12. Jordan Hubbard
  13. Julian Ibes
  14. Calvin Jackson
  15. Brodee Jarrell
  16. Marvin Jimerson
  17. Greg Johnson
  18. Absalom Lane
  19. Mike Lawhorne
  20. Janard Lee
  21. Andrei Lincan
  22. Jeremiah Maxey
  23. Stan Morrison
  24. John Murphy
  25. Michael Otule
  26. Francisco Rodriguez
  27. Ronnell Seales
  28. Jezreel Spencer
  29. Brian Taylor
  30. Micah Thomas Jr.
  31. Alex Woodson



We have 2022 Chicago Pro champ Ashley Jones in this contest. Even though she is already qualified for the Olympia, she can keep someone else from moving on by winning this contest as well. Meanwhile, Ana Harias is second in the points for qualifying for the Olympia as well. If she doesn’t win, a high placing will help her cause in the standings even more. Diana Schnaidt is competing in her third straight contest. She was fifth in Chicago, and she placed fourth in Tampa. We give her the third-place finish in this contest.

Ashley Jones

Ana Harias

Diana Schnaidt

  1. Ruiying Bian
  2. Sarah Bow
  3. Briatney Brooks
  4. Gessica Campbell
  5. Pamela Canfield
  6. DeSunka Dawson
  7. Blair Downing
  8. Lenka Ferencukova
  9. Eve Gagnon
  10. Heather Grace
  11. Ana Harias
  12. Nicole Higgins
  13. Ashley Jones
  14. Michelle Jones
  15. Cara Kerluck
  16. Dolly Lazarre
  17. Tembree N.Murphy
  18. Brooke Pighin
  19. Ashlynn Richardson
  20. Miranda Sanders
  21. Diana Schnaidt
  22. Michele Steeves
  23. Melissa Teich



This may be the most competitive division on either side of the stage. Tampa Pro winner Jessica Reyes Padilla hopes to go back-to-back. Larhannah Robinson placed sixth at the 2021 Olympia, but she has yet to qualify for this year’s contest. Autumn Cleveland was fourth in Tampa, and she has made adjustments to improve going into Texas. Those will be your top three, and we think Robinson gets the nod from the judges.

Larhannah Robinson

Jessica Reyes Padilla

Autumn Cleveland

  1. Bethany Abeln
  2. Yanghee Baek
  3. Tamera Barrett
  4. Yukina Betz
  5. Lynn Centino
  6. Autumn Cleveland
  7. Kelly Durma
  8. Ashley Felperin
  9. Tessa Ford
  10. Bailey Gutierrez
  11. Lisa Hutchins
  12. Marika Jones
  13. Jessica L. Kendrick
  14. Felisha Livezey
  15. Georgina Lona
  16. Taylor Mauro
  17. Marcel Mayfield
  18. Taylor Meholick
  19. Amie Mock
  20. Jessica Reyes Padilla
  21. Larhannah Robinson
  22. Marisol Tavizon
  23. Martina Yabekova
  24. Jennifer Zienert



No athlete in this lineup is qualified for the Olympia as of yet. Daraja Hill was sixth at the 2021 Olympia, and she is the early favorite to take the title in Texas. Shelby Piece has three top five finishes already this season, including placing third at the Republic of Texas Pro one month ago. Jodie Yuncker is in the hunt in the Olympia Qualification System with 12 points, and a high placing here could move her up the line quickly. The top three in that field will also move on to the Olympia.

Daraja Hill

Shelby Pierce

Jodie Yuncker

  1. Tessa Barresi
  2. Milena Bonio
  3. Jordan Brannon
  4. Christy Brown
  5. Tamekia Carter
  6. Hope Castelli
  7. Brenda Garay
  8. Carla Garthwaite
  9. Daraja Hill
  10. Kristy Imsande
  11. Paola Leon
  12. Chloe Margraitner
  13. Roxana Marquez
  14. Anya Nicholson
  15. Shelby Pierce
  16. Megan Rakes
  17. Monica Rubio
  18. Lindsey Tucker-Broussard
  19. Jodie Yuncker



Last but not least is the growing Wellness division. 13 athletes will face the fans and judges. Among them is Devyn Cambre, who was 14th in the inaugural Wellness Olympia last year. Priscilla Lynd is coming off a second-place finish in Tampa, and Lili Dong was fourth in that show. Those top three alone will make for a great competition. Cambre has the Olympia experience, but we think Lynd will make adjustments from Tampa, and take the top spot at this show.

Priscilla Lynd

Devyn Cambre

Lili Dong

  1. NAME
  2. Amanda Burnett
  3. Devyn Cambre
  4. Daniela Esquivel Castillo
  5. Lili Dong
  6. Brooke Donnelly
  7. Avis Evans
  8. Haley Johnson
  9. Priscilla Lynd
  10. Kathrine McLaruin
  11. Celeste Morales
  12. Natasha Peay
  13. Nuannaree Sriwaralak
  14. Jen Scarborough Zollars

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