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2022 Rising Phoenix World Championship-Arizona Pro Results

On November 5th, the IFBB Pro League and Wings of Strength hosted the 2022 Rising Phoenix World Championship for women’s bodybuilding as well as the Arizona Pro for women’s physique, figure, fitness, bikini, and wellness. The fans in Chandler, Arizona got to see incredible athletes showcase remarkable physiques. Here’s a brief look back at the final standings for each division.

Andrea Shaw Three-Peats as Rising Phoenix Champ

The main event of the evening was the 8th Rising Phoenix World Champion, and as many expected, Andrea Shaw went in as the two-time champion, and she left as the three-time champion. She even drove off in her new pickup truck that came with winning the title. Shaw won with a perfect score in both rounds of judging. Her conditioning was excellent, and she had that trademark smile showing how confident she was in her appearance.

Coming in second place was MayLa Ash, who may have looked her best ever as a pro. Her upper body was very impressive, and she displayed great fullness. Shaw’s conditioning appeared to be a little better, which may have been what put her in first place. Ash has nothing to be ashamed of, however, and the rematch between the two at the Ms. Olympia would be a great one to see.

Rounding out the top three was Michaela Aycock, which is one spot up from her 2021 effort. She was being compared with several athletes in the first and last callout, but she finished the evening with straight third-place scores. She will now hope to improve on her sixth-place finish at the Ms. Olympia one year ago. Fourth-place went to Leah Dennie, and rounding out the top five was Mona Poursaleh.

  1. Andrea Shaw
  2. MayLa Ash
  3. Michaela Aycock
  4. Leah Dennie
  5. Mona Poursaleh


Arizona Pro Results

Women’s Physique

The rest of the divisions that were presented were under the name “Arizona Pro.” The women’s physique contest featured a close battle between Antoinette Downie and Melissa Teich. Teich was actually ahead on points after prejudging, but Downie made positive changes while Teich didn’t appear the same at the finals. Thus, Downie earned the victory and Olympia qualification. Elizabeth Bradshaw, Chelsea Worster, and Diana Schnaidt completed the top five in this competition.

  1. Antoinette Downie
  2. Melissa Teich
  3. Elizabeth Bradshaw
  4. Chelsea Worster
  5. Diana Schnaidt



The nine-athlete Fitness lineup put on an entertaining show, but Canada’s own Terra Plum won both the physique and routine rounds to secure the victory and Olympia qualification. Sally Kendall-Williams was in third after the physique round, but her routine was so impressive that she moved up to second. Coming in third place was Corina Harkleroad. Fourth and fifth places went to Michelle Gales and Jasmine Abercrombie.

  1. Terra Plum
  2. Sally Kendall-Williams
  3. Corina Harkleroad
  4. Michelle Gales
  5. Jasmine Abercrombie



Autumn Cleveland had finished in second place on four different occasions this year. She was working to secure an Olympia qualification on points, but that will no longer be necessary because she finally has her first professional victory, and is moving on to the big contest in Las Vegas next month. This was the best version of her physique this season. Her muscles were full, and she was ripped. Ashley Garcia took the silver spot while the bronze position went to Corrie Morales. Fourth place went to Nikki McGuire, and Osiris M. Trumpe claimed the fifth-place position.

  1. Autumn Cleveland
  2. Ashley Garcia
  3. Corrie Morales
  4. Nikki McGuire
  5. Osiris M. Trumpe



Jourdanne Lee and Lawna Dunbar both showed up in great condition for the Bikini title. Comparisons during the single round of judging was intense, but Lee ended up claiming the top spot. Deanna Dang, Chantel Hall, and Marissa Willmott were also in the first callout, and they finish in the three through five spots in that order.

  1. Jourdanne Lee
  2. Lawna Dunbar
  3. Deanna Dang
  4. Chantel Hall
  5. Marissa Willmott



We predicted that Renee Harshey would claim the victory in Wellness, and the Arizona native came through by winning the show in her home state. She will now move on to the Olympia as well next month. Anne-Marie Gobell of Canada settled for the second-place finish in this 11-athlete lineup. Hawaii’s Leticia Allen will be a rising star in this division sooner rather than later. She took home third place. Joann Norwood and Amy Li complete the top five order of finish.

  1. Renee Harshey
  2. Anne-Marie Gobell
  3. Leticia Allen
  4. Joann Norwood
  5. Amy Li

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