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2022 Rising Phoenix World Championship-Arizona Pro Predictions

On Saturday, November 5th, the biggest night in women’s bodybuilding and fitness will take place. The 2022 Rising Phoenix World Championship will take place in Chandler, Arizona to crown this year’s champion in women’s bodybuilding. Outside of that, the Arizona Pro will hold contests in the other five women’s divisions. Here’s who we think will emerge victorious from the shows this weekend.


Rising Phoenix Lineup

It’s hard to go against a champion that has been as dominant as Andrea Shaw has been over the last two years. The defending Rising Phoenix champion has also won the Ms. Olympia twice in 2020 and 2021. She’s been working on several ways to improve because she knows her competitors have as well. Look for her to display a wider back and more detail in her legs. Unless she is way off at prejudging, we see her three-peating at this show.

As for the rest of the top three, those two spots will likely go to Mona Poursaleh and Chelsea Dion. Poursaleh has been in the top three at this contest before, and Dion is the new kid on the block, who has already won at Tampa in early August. There are a lot of veterans in this show, but her potential can’t be ignored.

Andrea Shaw

Mona Poursaleh

Chelsea Dion

  • Irene Andersen
  • MayLa Ash
  • Michaela Aycock
  • Reshanna Boswell
  • Nadia Capotosto
  • Lisa Cross
  • Leah Dennie
  • Chelsea Dion
  • Asha Hadley
  • Michelle Jin
  • Janeen Lankowski
  • Sheena Ohlig
  • Mona Poursaleh
  • Donna W. Salib
  • Virginia Sanchez
  • Andrea Shaw
  • Tina Williams


Arizona Pro

Women’s Physique

The Rising Phoenix is the main event of this weekend’s festivities, but the athletes in the other divisions can steal the show. The Women’s Physique division has several competitors that can become breakout stars, such as Melissa Teich, who won the Texas Pro over the summer, and Alex Hall, who placed third in New York in May. Diana Schnaidt has been in the mix at a few contests this year, and we expect her to do the same here.

Melissa Teich

Alex Hall

Diana Schnaidt

  • Rachel Aronson
  • Elizabeth Bradshaw
  • Antoinette Downie
  • Alex Hall
  • Christina Kremser
  • Morgan Martin-Jarred
  • Hayley Perry
  • Mary Power
  • Laura Richards
  • Tiffany Rodee
  • Diana Schnaidt
  • Towanda D. Smith
  • Melissa Teich
  • Sheree Valdez
  • Chelsey Worster


The nine athletes in the Fitness contest all have great physiques and can put on a show. Terra Plum made a big impact across the pond last month when she won the Arnold Classic UK contest. She will now test herself against a new crop of competitors, and we think she will live up to it.

Her toughest competition can be from veterans Michelle Gales and Sally Kendall-WIlliams, who both can step on the big stages. They are your likely top three for this show.

Terra Plum

Michelle Gales

Sally Kendall-Williams

  • Jasmine Abercrombie
  • Rene L. Brosch
  • Maria Laura Cerbelli
  • Michelle Gales
  • Corina Harkelroad
  • Sally Kendall-Williams
  • Layla Mikayla
  • Terra Plum
  • Shannon Siemer


The Figure lineup is the deepest of any division in the show, with 25 ladies looking to take the stage. Autumn Cleveland has been knocking on the door for a win multiple times this season. She will likely qualify for the Olympia on points, but she will clearly go for the win in Arizona. It would be her first pro victory if she gets it.

The surprise of this show may be Eunjin Cho, who turned pro in South Korea, then placed third at the Korea Figure Pro. It will only be her second pro show, but competitors have become big names sooner rather than later. Another athlete who could seize an opportunity to shine is Xin Qi, who finished 6th at the Hurricane Pro earlier this year.

Autumn Cleveland

Eunjin Cho

Xin Qi

  • Jessica Bartages
  • Sammica Cash
  • EunJin Cho
  • Autumn Cleveland
  • Maribeth Ewing
  • Annette Garcia
  • Ashley Garcia
  • Kate Grevey
  • Melissa H. Hardesty
  • Stephanie Koerber
  • Nikki McGuire
  • Monique Mealey
  • Corrie Morales
  • Katlyn O’Neil
  • Xin Qi
  • Kazue Sato
  • Kimberly Sayers
  • Carrie Shanks
  • Delaney Smallwood
  • Osiris M. Trumpe
  • Rita K. Villarreal
  • Sarah Vogt
  • Ritsuko Watanabe
  • Thais Cabrices Werner
  • Melody Zita


The Bikini lineup has several Masters competitors in it, and they have done well in open shows, but we see Lawna Dunbar breaking out of the pack and taking her first pro win here. Another couple of upstarts, former Arnold Amateur winner Irena Post and Lilian Lopez, who won the 2021 Amateur Olympia, are entering this show, and will likley stand next to Dunbar in the top three.

Lawna Dunbar

Irina Post

Lilian Lopez

  • Demi Chow
  • Deanna Dang
  • Sacita Duffy
  • Lawna Dunbar
  • Chantel Hall
  • Janea Harris
  • Michelle Hurst
  • Lilian Lopez
  • Melissa McGowan
  • Cristina Meza
  • Ruth Montes
  • Chelan Ashley Nour
  • Christianne Phillips
  • Irina Post
  • Kasie L. Rodriguez


Renee Harshey is the defending champion, and like Shaw, we expect her to defend her title successfully. However, it won’t be an easy weekend for her because Hye Yoon Kim is also in this show, and she’s looking to build upon a third-place finish at the Monsterzym Pro. Rounding out the top three could be Leticia Allen, who also has a top three finish to her credit. She placed third at the Legion Sports Fest.

Renee Harshey

Hye Yoon Kim

Leticia Allen

  • Leticia Allen
  • Jessica Alvarado
  • Daphney Carter
  • Anne-Marie Gobeil
  • Renee Harshey
  • Hye Yoon Kim
  • Amy Li
  • Kali Nakvinda
  • Joann Norwood
  • Natasha Peay
  • Tatum Schneidmiller

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