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The 2022 Olympia Expo Will Feature Some Big Brands

Roger Lockridge

One of the most popular parts of the Olympia Weekend is the Olympia Expo. However, the pandemic caused a lot of disruption that limited the number of companies that were attending. That combined with some of the big-name companies choosing to not be involved led to a lack of enthusiasm from the fans.

That is changing in 2022 because the Olympia is returning to Las Vegas, and the Expo is expected to bring a lot of the big brands back into the fold. Some of the top brands from Canada will be among them. Here is who we hear is going to be setting up in the Venetian Convention Center during the weekend of December 16-18.



Team Mutant will be in the house, and they are bringing star power with them. 2020 Olympia 212 champ Shaun Clarida and two-time reigning Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw will make appearances for fans, which says a lot because they will both be competing in the Olympia as well. Other Team Mutant athletes such as Ron Partlow, Dusty Hanshaw, and others will be representing their brands as well, according to a recent Instagram post. They have also promised an apparel drop as well. Save some room in the luggage so you can take some swag home.



Muscletech used to dominate the expo circuit because the Who’s Who of bodybuilding usually represented their brands. In recent years, they hadn’t been involved at the same level, but they never completely gave up on the bodybuilding community.

We know that Muscletech will be involved with the 2022 Olympia this year, but we haven’t heard anything regarding what they have planned. That news may come as the Olympia gets closer, but nonetheless, having a brand that has been around for decades at such a high level makes the Olympia feel right.



Allmax is celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2022, and the party will continue at the Olympia. They will have athletes ready to meet and greet with fans and potential consumers, but the only one we know so far is longtime Bikini Olympia competitor Amanda Latona, who revealed she will be in Las Vegas for Allmax in a personal Instagram post.

Other athletes that may show up for Team Allmax could include Johnnie Jackson, Zach Abdullah, and others. The final roster hasn’t been released yet. We don’t have any other information regarding what they have planned as of this writing, but with this being their 20th anniversary, it’s a safe guess that they will have something big in the works that will make the fans wait in line worth it.


Other Brands

Some of the other big name supplement brands we have heard will be at the Olympia include BSN, Redcon1, and more. Not many companies have shared details yet since we are still over two months away from the big weekend. There will be several non-supplement companies there as well such as Wolkpak, Alpha Prime, and other apparel companies. Of course, Muscle Insider will be there to provide coverage of the entire weekend from start to finish. Stay tuned to Muscle Insider as we provide more updates on the latest developments leading up to the Olympia Expo and the competitions themselves.

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