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2022 Indy Pro Report

The 2022 Indy Pro is in the history books, and the winner of the men’s open contest is none other than Blessing Awodibu. In just his third professional contest, Awodibu has his first professional win, and he’s now qualified to compete in his first Mr. Olympia contest, which will be held this December in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Awodibu was bigger and more conditioned at this show then he was in his 2021 appearance, where he finished in third. Even with the improvements he made in his year long quest to take a pro win, he had to hold off the strong presence of Charles Griffen, who came in second place as well as longtime competitor Maxx Charles, who finished in third. 2021 Indy Pro champion Justin Rodriguez finished in fourth place, with the toll of competing three times in less than three months without an extended offseason affecting his fullness at this show. Rounding out the top five was upstart competitor Brent Swanson.

Men’s Open

1. Blessing Awodibu

2. Charles Griffen

3. Maxx Charles

4. Justin Rodriguez

5. Brent Swansen

In the 212 division, Noel Adame thought he was going to take his second career Indy victory. However, Bryan Balzano of Columbus, Ohio managed to sneak in under the radar and present an incredible physique to the stage. Balzano looked complete from head to toe, and he was ripped from the front and the back. His efforts were rewarded with first place votes from the judges in both prejudging and the finals. He is now qualified to take on Olympia 212 champion Derek Lunsford, former champions Shaun Clarida and Kamal Elgargni, as well as the rest of the 212 field at the Olympia. Adame still came in second place and rounding out the top three was Florida’s Emmanuel Rodriguez. Sharing the stage in the top five were fourth place finisher Yumon Eaton and fifth place winner Abdullah Alsaif.

Men’s 212

1. Bryan Balzano

2. Noel Adame

3. Emmanuel Rodriguez

4. Yumon Eaton

5. Abdullah Alsaif

Five competitors arrived in Indianapolis to take part in the women’s bodybuilding showdown, which was the first to be held at this contest. Theresa Ivancik came in as the favorite and left with the trophy as the champion as well as the Ms. Olympia qualification. Hometown favorite Stephanie Flesher came in as the runner-up, and Lisa Kudrey of Canada took third place. She was actually the only Canadian athlete in the entire show. Donna Salib and Jada Beverly completed the order of finish for this competition.

Women’s Bodybuilding

1. Theresa Ivancik

2. Stephanie Flesher

3. Lisa Kudrey

4. Donna Salib

5. Jada Beverly

Next up is the New York Pro, which will take place Saturday, May 21st in Teaneck, NJ. That contest is rich with history and it’s sure to be one to watch now that it’s back in the New York area after two years in Florida. Stay tuned to Muscle Insider for coverage leading up to the 2022 edition of the prestigious contest.

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