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2022 Chicago Pro Results

Fans hadn’t seen bodybuilding action in Chicago since 2019 due to the pandemic. The Chicago Pro returned home on July 22 and 23, and the fans were pleased with the physiques they saw. Here’s a look at all the results from 10 IFBB Pro League contests.


Men’s Open

Winner – Antoine Vaillant

This is Vaillant’s second win as a pro, and it’s likely the sweetest victory considering he had returned from a heart issue that he faced less than one year ago. He was so dominant at this contest that the judges sent him back in line during the comparisons. They say it isn’t over until it’s over, but in this case, when Vaillant went back in line, it was over.

2nd Place – Tonio Burton

Burton had been a 212 competitor, and is already qualified for the Olympia in the 212, but this is the closest he had come to winning an open show yet. He was simply outsized by Vaillant, who looked his best ever. Burton can and if he feels up to it, should continue to see if he can win an open show.

3rd Place – Andrea Muzi

Muzi had been in the mix several times this season, but he keeps running into competitors who peak perfectly and present their best physiques ever. He is now tied for second in the points system, which could help him get to the Olympia should he not win his first show before then.

  1. Antoine Vaillant
  2. Tonio Burton
  3. Andrea Muzi
  4. Tim Budesheim
  5. Jonas Giatras
  6. Matt Kouba
  7. Chris DiDimenico
  8. Dorian Haywood
  9. Afandonaugbo Thierry
  10. Seth Engman



Winner – Dectric Bo Lewis

Lewis is a Masters competitor, but he held his own very well against the younger 212 lineup. As a result, the 2018 Team Universe champ will now move on to the Olympia.

2nd Place – Peter Castella

Castella made it interesting, and he will be in the mix for another title should he continue to compete this season. This is the Masters competitor’s best 212 finish of his career.

3rd Place – Fabricio de Souza Moreira

Moreira made his first appearance of 2022 at this contest. His lats and quads looked large in the front poses, but the top two were more complete overall.

  1. Dectric Bo Lewis
  2. Peter Castella
  3. Fabricio de Souza Moreira
  4. Derik Oslan
  5. Jason Joseph
  6. Ryan Walters
  7. Michael LaCombe
  8. Diego Guerra Montoya
  9. Michael Schneider
  10. Wayne Williams


Classic Physique

2019 NPC USA Champion Jonathan Pelkey picked up his first professional win, and will also make his Olympia debut later this year. He was eighth at this contest one year ago, and he showcased more mass and conditioning at this show. Tommy Clark finished as the runner-up, and John Le rounded out the top three.

Winner - Jonathan Pelkey

2nd - Tommy Clark

3rd - John Le

  1. Jonathan Pelkey
  2. Tommy Clark
  3. John Le
  4. Cody Amey
  5. Wilfredo Victoria
  6. Hugo Silva
  7. Patryk Karpuk
  8. William Cottrell
  9. Rohan Duncan


Men’s Physique

The Men’s Physique contest became a three-way battle between Nick Koeu, Jeremy Potvin, and Charjo Grant. In spite of Potvin’s anticipated return and Grant’s Vancouver Pro victory one week prior to this show, Koeu would score the upset and Olympia qualification. This is also Koeu’s first professional win.

Winner - Nick Koeu

2nd - Jeremy Potvin

3rd - Charjo Grant

  1. Nick Koeu
  2. Jeremy Potvin
  3. Charjo Grant
  4. Corey Morris
  5. Winston Sullivan
  6. Shun Kaneko
  7. Xiaolong Hong
  8. Matthew Greggo
  9. Deke Walker
  10. Oussah Dith


Women’s Bodybuilding

Angela Yeo made her pro debut a memorable one to say the least. She added quality size throughout her entire physique, and her efforts were rewarded with straight first place votes. Florida’s Sherry Priami finished as the runner-up, and 2021 NPC National Champion Chelsea Dion finished in the bronze spot of what was also her pro debut. The future of women’s bodybuilding appears to be bright based on what the fans saw in the Windy City.

Winner - Angela Yeo

2nd - Sherry Priami

3rd - Chelsea Dion

  1. Angela Yeo
  2. Sherry Priami
  3. Chelsea Dion
  4. Sheena Ohlig
  5. Jeanie Welker
  6. Saqweta Barrino
  7. Tamara Makar
  8. Tina Williams
  9. Aisling Hickey
  10. Christina Nalley


Women’s Physique

We predicted that Ashley Jones would come in first place, and she came through by taking the title this weekend. Natalie Rae Wolfe, who finished fourth in Pittsburgh in May took second here. Amanda Machado made her first appearance of 2022, and she came in third at this contest.

Winner - Ashley Jones

2nd - Natalie Rae Wolfe

3rd - Amanda Machado

  1. Ashley Jones
  2. Natalie Rae Wolfe
  3. Amanda Machado
  4. Jonquil S. Baugh
  5. Diana Schnaidt
  6. Oksana Piari
  7. Tomefafa Ameko
  8. Sumyra Ford
  9. Danielle LaMartina
  10. Ruiying Bian



Nine athletes represented the Fitness division, and Sara Kovach did what we said she would do – defend her title. She is now a two-time Chicago Pro Fitness Champion, and she will go back to the Olympia. She actually placed second in both rounds of judging, but her total score was what gave her the victory. Coming in second was Michelle Fredua-Mensah, and Michelle Gales rounded out the top three of this very competitive show.

Winner - Sara Kovach

2nd - Michelle Fredua-Mensah

3rd - Michelle Gales

  1. Sara Kovach
  2. Michelle Fredua-Mensah
  3. Michelle Gales
  4. Heather Coscia
  5. Cong Mou
  6. Corina Harkelroad
  7. Danielle Chikeles
  8. Layla Mikayla
  9. Babette Mulford



If there was a theme to this contest, it was that there were several first-time winners, and the Figure division was no exception. Julia Champlin is in her second season, and she won this first contest in her debut for 2022. It’s not known whether she will compete again before the Olympia, but she now her her place on that stage set. Anita Davis came in second, and Zul’fiya Bitiyeva came in third. That is the highest placing as a pro for the woman from Kazakhstan.

Winner - Julia Champlin

2nd - Anita Davis

3rd - Zul’fiya Bitiyeva

  1. Julia Champlin
  2. Anita Davis
  3. Zul’fiya Bitiyeva
  4. Danielle Rose
  5. Samantha Jerring
  6. Shana Malcomb
  7. Dee Jackson
  8. Melissa Brodsky
  9. Kayoko Yamamoto
  10. Lisa Hutchins



Ever since Jessica Wilson left the 2021 Olympia in 11th place, she has had her mind set to crack the top ten at that contest. She will now get that chance thanks to winning in Chicago with straight first place votes. Jasmine Gonzalez came in second, and third place went to Jordan Brannon.

Winner - Jessica Wilson

2nd - Jasmine Gonzalez

3rd - Jordan Brannon

  1. Jessica Wilson
  2. Jasmine Gonzalez
  3. Jordan Brannon
  4. Aimee Leann Velasquez
  5. Vania Auguste
  6. Adrianna Kaczmarek
  7. Jordan Fisher
  8. Jodie Yuncker
  9. Danielle Combs
  10. Kristy Imsande



Stop me if you’ve read or heard this yet in this recap. A pro made her debut and won. In the Wellness division, Isamara Santos placed first in an eight-woman lineup.We actually predicted the top two at this contest correctly because Jasmine Payne finished in second place. That is the third time she has finished as the runner-up this season. Nerilde Garcia Strey wrapped up the top three.

Winner - Isamara Santos

2nd - Jasmine Payne

3rd - Nerilde Garcia Strey

  1. Isamara Santos
  2. Jasmine Payne
  3. Nerilde Garcia Strey
  4. Alexia Figueroa Quesada
  5. Kat Williams
  6. Brooke Donnelly
  7. Idalia Molina
  8. Morgan Birlew

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