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2021 Vancouver Pro Am Results

Contest Coverage Sponsored by MUTANT

This year’s Vancouver IFBB Pro Show was much different than we’ve seen in the past. Previous events have seen some of the biggest names in the IFBB Pro circuit, such as Nathan De Asha, Ashley Kaltwasser, Hadi Choopan, and more. The 2021 Vancouver IFBB Pro Show, hosted at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster, BC, only sanctioned the IFBB Pro Master’s Bikini. Unfortunately, the contest only brought 4 athletes to the stage.

The first place title for the IFBB Pro Master’s Bikini went to one of Canada’s newest IFBB Bikini Pros. Hailing from British Columbia, Karen Wall just won her IFBB Pro Card at the 2021 Toronto Pro Qualifier, on December 4th. This is an impressive start to Karen’s IFBB Professional career. We look forward to seeing more of her on stage in the future.

Second place went to a fellow Canadian from Ottawa, Ontario. Natalie Waples began her IFBB Pro career as a Figure competitor, with appearances at the Arnold Classic in 2013 and 2014. Natalie then made the switch to Bikini upon her return to the stage at the 2018 Toronto Pro SuperShow.

Maria Sharp is another Canadian competitor, residing in Abbotsford, BC, who took home third place. Maria also began her IFBB Pro career as a Figure competitor, with her first IFBB Pro show being the 2018 Toronto Pro SuperShow. After several IFBB Pro shows struggling to stand out in the Figure division, Maria made the switch to Bikini. This Vancouver Pro Show was a strategic one for Maria to take the stage at, as it marks her best placing to date as an IFBB Pro.

Debora Lossing, from Pismo Beach, California, rounds out the line-up, coming in fourth place. Debra has been competing as an IFBB Bikini Pro since 2018. This is also Debra’s first time making it into the top 10 at an IFBB Pro show.

As for the Vancouver Pro Qualifier portion of the event, this is where the physiques were very impressive. There was a total of 7 new IFBB Pro Cards awarded on the day. Women’s Bodybuilding. 

The first category up on stage was Men’s Bodybuilding, which saw Abimbola Aina displaying an undeniable physique. He won his Open Heavyweight class, later moving on to win the overall title, and earning his IFBB Pro Card.

We then moved on to the Men’s Classic Physique category. Billy Danh, who has had a successful amateur career so far, but has come just short a couple of times previously. Billy has won his Classic Physique class at the Vancouver Pro Qualifier in 2016 and 2019 but failed to win the overall title. Then facing a devastating pec tear, which he seems to have made a full recovery from, Billy took the overall title earning him the IFBB Pro Card.

Men’s Physique has also been a very popular category for many years now. It was Gurjinder Virk that battled it out to win his Open Class as well as the overall Men’s Physique title. Gurjinder walked away with his IFBB Pro Card when all the dust had settled.

While there was only one open class in Women’s Bodybuilding, Paola Viveros was awarded the class win, earning her an IFBB Pro Card.

When it comes to Women’s Physique, it was Kristen Holliday that rose to the top on this day. Winning her class and moving on to take the overall title as well, earning her the Women’s Physique IFBB Pro Card.

Women’s Figure had one of the larger numbers of entries of competitors in this show. We saw Giselle Heathcote bringing a physique that the judges had no problem seeing she was the clear winner. Giselle placed first in her open class A, as well as winning the overall title to earn her IFBB Pro Card.

Women’s Wellness, as you all most likely know already, is the newest category added into the amateur and IFBB Pro competitions. Rose Stodalka took home the IFBB Pro Card, becoming one of Canada’s few IFBB Wellness Pros.

And last but certainly not least, we come to the largest category of the contest with the Bikini division. These ladies stepping on stage meant business. In a sea of very impressive physiques, it was Marie-Eve Duchesneau that shined brightest, winning the Bikini open class D, as well as the overall Bikini title, earning the final IFBB Pro Card of the night.

Congratulations to all these new IFBB Pros! We wish you all a long and successful career ahead in the IFBB Pro League.

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