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2021 Arnold Classic Final Placings - 2 Canadians Crowned Champions

Roger Lockridge



One of the most prestigious and anticipated bodybuilding contests of the year is now in the books. The Arnold Classic is normally held in March, but the circumstances that the world was facing didn’t make it possible to be held at that time. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to let this year go by without an Arnold Classic, so almost 40 athletes in four pro divisions (including 5 Canadian competitors) ventured to Columbus, Ohio with hopes of leaving as champions. In the end, two athletes from Canada left with Arnold titles.

Arnold Classic

There were three men that the fans really wanted to see - Nick Walker, Steve Kuclo, and Canada's Iain Valliere. Many people predicted them to be the top three after William Bonac was ruled out of the lineup. That was exactly how it played out. In the final comparison, all three men stood in the middle at one point. Kuclo took the bronze position with Valliere finishing as the runner-up. Nick Walker, who was the fan favorite all day, took the title and the Most Muscular award as a bonus.

  • Winner - Nick Walker
  • Runner-Up - Iain Valliere
  • 3rd Place - Steve Kuclo
  • 4th Place - Justin Rodriguez
  • 5th Place - Akim Williams
  • 6th Place - Sergio Oliva Jr.
  • 7th Place - Mohamed El Emam
  • 8th Place - Maxx Charles
  • 9th Place - Hassan Mostafa
  • 10th Place - Seung Chul Lee

Iain ValliereSteve KucloJustin RodriguezAkim WilliamsSergio Oliva JR.

Classic Physique

No one from Canada was in this lineup, but the two favorites were defending champion Alex Cambronero and Terrence Ruffin. It came down to those two in the end with Ruffin being crowned champion. Cambronero came in second with Best Power winner Logan Franklin placing third.

  • Winner - Terrence Ruffin
  • Runner-Up - Alex Cambronero
  • 3rd Place - Logan Franklin
  • 4th Place - Courage Opara
  • 5th Place - Bryan Jones

Bikini International

This division actually had three Canadians competing, and two were favorites. Jennifer Dorie and Lauralie Chapados were compared to defending champ Elisa Pecini in the final callout. In the end, Dorie brings another Arnold title to Canada. Pecini is the runner-up and Chapados rounded out the top three.

  • Winner - Jennifer Dorie
  • Runner-up - Elisa Pecini
  • 3rd Place - Lauralie Chapados
  • 4th Place - Ashley Kaltwasser
  • 5th Place - Romina Basualdo

Fitness International

Missy Truscott may live in the US now,.but Canada will always be home. This year she had extra incentive to compete - win for John Meadows. With former champ Whitney Jones out of the lineup due to a positive Covid-19 test, Ariel Kahdr would be the contender to stand side by side with her. Truscott's routine, dedicated to Meadows, was intense and inspiring. It also sealed the victory. Canada's champion repeats. Her statement after was simple but meaningful.

"This one was for John."

  • Winner -  Missy Truscott
  • Runner-Up - Oksana Grishina
  • 3rd Place - Ariel Khadr
  • 4th Place - Jaclyn Baker
  • 5th Place - Aurika Tyrgale

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