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2019 New York Pro Show Contest Report

Anna Bolic

In a lineup of 20 competitors, New York fan favorite Juan Morel defeated mass monster Akim Williams to win the open class of the New York Pro. Juan’s conditioning was on point making him too tough to beat in this lineup. The New York Pro is one of the best competitions in the IFBB Pro League circuit. Juan won the Pittsburgh Pro show earlier this spring to lock in his qualification for the Olympia but this win just adds to his series of victories. Juan does not have the genetic structure to place in the top three at the Olympia but he’s a great bodybuilder all the same. Akim William placed second which will always be Akim’s fate at the top shows. Not that Akim doesn’t have tremendous muscle maturity and fullness, but he just can’t nail his conditioning consistently and his posing is just average. Being massive is not all that’s involved in competing in bodybuilding, you need to display the poses well which we feel Akim doesn’t spend enough time practicing. Our advice to Akim is to hold his condition now, practicing your posing obsessively for two weeks and compete in the Toronto Pro Supershow because you have what it takes to win. Celebrate your win that night at the MUSCLE INSIDER After Party Saturday, June 1st. at CUBE nightclub. Back to the New York Pro! Third place went to the man from the Czech Republic, Milan Sadek. Milan walked on stage well prepared but lacked the size needed to hang with the big boys. But a third place finish will earn him valuable points towards an Olympia qualification. Fan favorite Jon Delarosa had to settle for fourth place but we were happy to see an improved version of Jon. Ontario’s Robin Strand placed 10th which was Canada’s only entry in this class. Robin had the best hamstrings in the class and great quad separation be he will have to add more quality muscle to his upper body (while keeping that small waist) to move up in the ranks but not bad for his first show of 2019. We expect him to enter the Toronto Pro Supershow in two weeks which will allow him the time needed to improve his conditioning slightly, tighten up and dry out in his upper body.

Photos prejudging click HERE.

Photos finals click HERE.

212 Class New York Pro 

The 212 class was another stacked line-up. The man from Kuwait, Ahmed Ashskanani walked away with the title. He arrived looking huge, ripped and is definitely the favorites to win the 212 Olympia title now that Flex Lewis has retired from this class and taking a year off to enter the open class. The Brazilian, Eduardo Correa is back and finished in second. Eduardo is a crowd favorite and always arrives in top condition. It was difficult for Eduardo to go head to head with Ahmed when it comes to size, especially with no quad sweep! But conditioning is something that Eduardo is known for and he didn’t disappoint. Kerrith Bajjo finished in third while Korea’s Junho Kim took fourth. Quebec’s Mahmood Al Durrah placed 6th which was not than what Canadian fans wanted to see but this is the IFBB Pro league and the New York Pro competition is fierce. Mahmood always has tremendous conditioning and his upper body is very impressive, but to move up in this class to be a Tier A competitor, Mahmood needs to bring up his overall leg size and reduce the size of his obliques (it is possible) to give him a better X-frame. His conditioning in his legs is tremendous and he has great separation and vascularity, but thigh sweep and the overall leg mass throws his balance off. He’s also lacking size in his soleus, which exposes his leg mass imbalance. We like Mahmood and think he has everything needed to be a great champion, just some small fixes before he will be a 212 Olympia threat.

Photos prejudging HERE.

Photos finals HERE.

Classic Men’s Physique Class New York Pro

Keone has become the highlight of the 2019 season with a flawless physique and a vacuum pose that’s unmatched. Keone has some of the best genetics for bodybuilding that we’ve seen since Flex Wheeler. If Chris Bumstead’s hernia operation doesn’t heal in time for the Olympia, Keone will defeat Breon Ainsley and capture the Olympia crown. Don’t forget where you read this prediction. Toronto’s Erik Alstrup placed second last at 15th but this is respectable considering how deep the lineup was, his age and the fact that he’s been natural for many years now! Erik is always very conditioned but the size needed in this class is next level. Erik will need to make a decision on how far he wants to go (hormonally) in order to be competitive.

Photos prejudging https://muscleinsider.com/photos/new-york-pro-2019-classic-physique-prejudging

Photos finals https://muscleinsider.com/photos/new-york-pro-2019-classic-physique-finals 

Men’s Physique Class New York Pro

The Men’s Physique class had 48 competitors making this the deepest class of all categories. The win went to Kyron Holden with New York’s own Anthony Gilkes taking second, Toronto’s Eren Legend had to settle for 16th but for a natural athlete, he looked great. Eren’s a great motivation for natty athletes and it’s ways fun seeing him present his physique against the best on stage. We hope to see him dial in his conditioning further, thin out the skin for the Toronto Pro in two weeks!

Photos prejudging https://muscleinsider.com/photos/new-york-pro-2019-mens-physique-prejudging

Photos finals https://muscleinsider.com/photos/new-york-pro-2019-mens-physique-finals

Figure Class New York Pro

Puerto Rico’s Jessica Reyes Padilla won the Figure title. After placing third at the Arnold Ohio in March, Jessica improved her physique and posing and was now the victor. New York favorite Nicole Graham took second while Canada’s Jennifer Reece took 6th. This was her pro debut and a very respectable finish. If she can bring her waist down and add more size without losing her femininity (this is key) she will be a contender for future pro shows. She will be back on stage at the Toronto Pro and we think this placing could move up a bit. She’s now in the pro league where the best physiques in the world compete so don’t get discouraged by her placing here.

Photos prejudging https://muscleinsider.com/photos/new-york-pro-2019-figure-prejudging

Photos finals https://muscleinsider.com/photos/new-york-pro-2019-figure-finals

Bikini Class New York Pro

Italy’s Mariella Pellegrino walked away with the Bikini title just barely beating Canada’s Jennifer Dorie by 3 points! Jennifer is a crowd favorite and let’s hope she steps on stage at the Toronto Pro where she goes in as the odds on favorite to win. Win or lose she and boyfriend Mark Anthony (first eve Olympia winner in Men’s Physique) have 100% chance of getting free cover charge at the MUSCLE INSIDER After Party at CUBE Saturday, June 1st. LOL In all seriousness, Jennifer is a definite contender to win any pro show she enters at this point in her career.

Photos prejudging https://muscleinsider.com/photos/new-york-pro-2019-bikini-prejudging

Photos finals https://muscleinsider.com/photos/new-york-pro-2019-bikini-finals