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Mass With Glass

Charles Glass
With a degree in engineering, Charles is better known as one of the most famous trainers in modern day bodybuilding. With an eye for spotting talent, he's known for manipulating exercise techniques and form to better target muscle groups and has trained some of the top pro bodybuilders in the world turning them into top contenders for the coveted prize of Mr. Olympia.
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Will Phil Heath Win The Olympia?

Do you think that Phil Heath has what it takes to be an Olympian?

ANSWER: I think he can do well, but can he hold it? I don’t know, because he’s not a real wide person. His clavicles are narrow, so how much weight can he really put on? He looks sometimes like he’s a blown-up tight person, and once he starts to fade, it’s obvious he fades faster and faster and faster, and it gets hard for him to keep it together. So, he does have potential, but he has to get it on the money, and
he has to be able to hold it all the way through.