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The Informant

The Informant
The identity of the informant can't be revealed. He works in the supplement industry and he's here to blow the whistle on supplement corruption!
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Site Injections or Synthol

QUESTION: My arms are lacking size. Should I try doing site injections or Synthol?

ANSWER: Neither! Site injections don't cause muscle to grow. They simply cause inflammation to the area, which in turn fills up with fluid. Some "gurus" theorize that this will trigger cell division in muscle tissue cells, whereas others say that it will stretch the fascia encasing muscles and "make room" for new tissue growth. Continuous site injections will cause irreversible damage from scar tissue forming and surgery will be the end result. Many bodybuilders have got marked down over the years for site injections that are very apparent. Ernie Taylor's triceps are a good example of what site injections can look like. Also take a good look at KIng Kamali's shoulders, Nassar's rear deltoids, Greg Kovacs arms and Paco Batista's shoulders. If you get an infection from a site injection, you can die! Stay clear of this idea.