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Elite Physique

Dan Kennedy

Educated at the University of Western Ontario, Dan employs his degree in Kinesiology as the foundation of his personal training business Elite Physique. He’s also a National level bodybuilder and judge. Dan’s earned a reputation for his knowledge and his tell-it-like-it-is approach to performance enhancement!

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Product Review - The Rotator

Rotator cuff injury commands the attention of every gym rat.  If you spend any amount of time under a bar I'm certain that you can appreciate how vunerable the shoulder joint is. You are more likely to win a Pro card than you are to hit the gym for 10 years and NOT walk away with some type of shoulder related setback.  A small tweak in the shoulder will not only keep you away from the bench press but it could easily de-rail your training efforts for most upper body exercises for months.  A focused pre-emptive strategy set in motion could easily eliminate the majority of rotator cuff injuries. The team at Joint Mechanix realized this need and designed the ultimate rotator cuff solution - The Rotator.

The Rotator is a device which resembles a piece of angle iron bent at 90 degrees with dual handles on one end. It is also equiped with a Velcro strap to secure the forearm in place and a resistance band for strengthening exercises. The Rotator is a simple but highly effective design. With the assistance of a comprehensive instructional DVD and an instruction sheet your rotator cuff pre/rehab can be easily accomplished at home. This device is also portable enough to take to the gym and incorporated into your shoulder warm-up routine.

The Rotator is a must-have shoulder rehab solution for physio/rehab facilities and is an essential tool for productive injury-free workouts for all gym goers. It is rare that such an invention commands my attention and there are few products that I STRONGLY recommend - The Rotator is such an innovation. Grab The Rotator at www.rotatorcanada.com today and ensure strong, flexible and injury-free shoulders!

If you'd like to get trained by Dan Kennedy, visit http://elitephysique.ca/