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Police Arrest Man For Looking LIke He's On Steroids!

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By: Johnny Justice

In Canada, steroids are legal to possess but are illegal to buy or sell. So I guess you can legally "find" them but you just can't be caught buying them! But the laws in Sweden are quite different. In fact, Police in Sweden have been profiling bodybuilders and arresting them if they look even look like they "might" be using steroids! Yes, this sounds nuts but just a few weeks ago, IFBB Pro Tony Freeman found out the hard way that Swedish authorities aren't tolerating steroid users when they arrested his sorry ass! Click HERE is you missed that story. So now the steroid user witch hunt continues in Sweden, this time 33 year old Jöran Törnros is the victim.

Bodybuilder Jöran Törnros Targeted

This dude was having a peaceful dinner at a local bistro when a waitress of the establishment noticed that Törnros' forearms were somewhat vascular and shoulders slightly wider than normal.

"I was scared, I didn't know what to do so I called the Police right away".

An undercover agent was dispatched to the bistro and patiently waited to apprehend Jöran Törnros!

Undercover Cop Hides In Bathroom Stall

The cop hid in a bathroom stall until Jöran Törnros went to the bathroom. As soon as Jöran started urinating, the undercover cop stuck a jar out from under the neighbouring bathroom stall to catch the urine stream coming out of Jöran!

"It wasn't easy, it required a lot of patience" says agent NIKOLAUS who patiently waited for over an hour hidden under a bathroom stall. "When the stream of urine came out I caught exactly 20ml and ran to the station".

Send The Steroid Piss To The Lab!

The urine sample was immediately sent to a lab and it revealed metabolites that show a testosterone level slightly higher than the average Swedish man which usually hovers around 175ng/ml.

"Jöran Törnros was 300ng/ml, which by our judgment is off the chart."  Say Swedish police! 

Although no illegal substances were detected, the authorities have incarcerated Jöran Törnros and seized all assets until further investigation take place!

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