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Lab Testing Your Gear

QUESTION: I’ve been reading some of your old articles, and see you’ve lab tested a lot of steroids. I want to test something. Is it expensive? What should I test for exactly? Where do I have it tested?

Answer: Lab analysis is somewhat expensive, but I have traditionally tested for many things other than just steroid potency. Any lab testing should really include potency, bacteria count (colony forming units), and heavy metals screening, at the very least. This will give you a good view of its safety/quality. Plan on spending a few hundred dollars minimum for that type of testing. I wish I could be of help with finding a lab for you. Because I am in the U.S., I have to go to a lot of trouble each time I do this for an article or book. I arrange this testing through my publishing company, and with assistance in Europe. Testing labs here are very re- luctant to deal with the general public after a U.S. lab (San Rafael Chemical Services) was raided a couple of years ago for this. Since then, no U.S. lab has taken public samples from what I have seen. So my testing arrangement won’t help you. Your best bet would be to try and locate a lab in Europe or Asia, where they are prob- ably going to be less likely to refuse your request.

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