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Mass With Glass

Charles Glass
With a degree in engineering, Charles is better known as one of the most famous trainers in modern day bodybuilding. With an eye for spotting talent, he's known for manipulating exercise techniques and form to better target muscle groups and has trained some of the top pro bodybuilders in the world turning them into top contenders for the coveted prize of Mr. Olympia.
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Hardest Training Pro

QUESTION: Who was the hardest training pro bodybuilder you ever trained, and who had the best work ethic?

ANSWER: Chris Cormier. You’ve got to understand. I trained Chris Cormier, Flex Wheeler, and Paul Dillett, all at the same time! They all worked together. I mean, that was war because no one wanted to lose, and they would train till they made each other throw up. That’s how hard they would train. Everyone always put this rap on Paul that he never trained hard. That’s not true! Paul trained REAL hard. He had an asthma problem, so sometimes he would suck it in and get a little air, but he never quit. That’s what I really liked about the guy. He never quit.

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