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Sports Nutrition Insider

Michael Sedlak M.Sc.
Michael has taken his passion for fitness, sports, and bodybuilding to a new level, translating cutting edge nutritional science into innovation for some of the world’s most successful supplement companies. Michael is a leading authority on evidence-based research and the applied aspects of clinical nutrition. He holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Functional Foods, with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Toxicology. Michael offers new insight into key industry trends, applying the latest-nutritional research for the development of innovative science-based products. Michael has spent the last decade working in one of the most secretive industries in the world, protecting some of the most confidential information in the supplement sector. From managing clinical trials and new product formulations to lecturing at various international seminars, he has been a part of the inner workings of the industry that only a privileged few have ever experienced. Michael has had the opportunity to travel the world extensively from Germany, to England and throughout all of North America, meeting and working with some of the world’s greatest minds in sports nutrition and exercise science. With his professional background, vast experience and expert knowledge, Michael will continue to educate thousands on the latest nutritional research driving the innovation within the health industry. www.cpcnutrition.com
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Does fruit make you fat?

QUESTION: I’ve heard that eating fruit can make you fat. Is that why bodybuilders don’t include fruit in their pre-contest diets?

ANSWER: For starters, fruit does not make you fat. Excess calories make you fat! Fruit is a healthy food, full of nutrients, high in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and low in fat and calories. However, with the advent of the various nutritional approaches to achieve that ripped look, it has become common practice for bodybuilders during pre-contest to omit fruit from their diets. Bodybuilders avoid fruit for two main reasons: 1) they tend to have a high water content and 2) they contain fructose as the main carb (sugar) source. So why does this matter? Muscle only has the necessary enzymes to convert glucose into glycogen, not fructose. The liver however uses fructose exclusively supplying the rest of the body with energy. However, once glycogen stores are full, the enzyme responsible for glucose metabolism, signals the body to convert any remaining fructose into fatty acids and store it as adipose tissue. In essence, fruit sugar is easily converted to fat. This is why bodybuilders attempting to get ripped, try to avoid fruit during the last couple of weeks before a contest. 

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