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The Poliquin Principles

Charles Poliquin
Charles is one of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world. He has designed workouts for Olympic medalists, world-record holders and pro athletes.
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Digestive Enzymes

Q. What's your take on using digestive enzymes?

A. I only recommend enzymes if you’re still breathing! If you’ve reached room temperature, don’t worry about it. Because so many things cause a reduction in our natural sources of enzymes, most people can improve their digestion just by adding high-quality digestive enzymes. Although raw foods often inherently have enzymes, most of us cook our foods, destroying the naturally occurring enzymes. We also tend to secrete fewer enzymes as we age. Inadequate stomach acid contributes to poor enzyme production as well. Also, a recent study showed that consumption of genetically modified grains decreased pancreatic enzyme secretion by 50 percent.