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The Informant

The Informant
The identity of the informant can't be revealed. He works in the supplement industry and he's here to blow the whistle on supplement corruption!
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Those little packets in your supplement bottles are called Desiccant Packs!

What Are Desiccant Packs?

Q. I noticed this tiny pouch inside my pre-workout powder! I almost ate it once and wondered what the heck these things are and why are they in my supplements?

Great question! Desiccant Packs help control the moisture, humidity, and odor levels in your supplements. If you've ever opened a pre-workout powder and found it rock hard, chances are the manufacturer didn’t add enough desiccant packs to prevent the formula from hardening up. The active ingredients in desiccant packs are carbon, silica gel or bentonite clay which control moisture and odor (in the case of carbon) by absorbing it. They can also absorb substances like aromatics, CO2, and C12 which all help keep your supplements intact when you open the jar to use them! On top of keeping the powdered supplements free flowing, they also slow the degradation of the product. The three factors that speed the degradation of a product are air, exposure to light, fluctuations in temperature or atmospheric pressure or altitude and MOISTURE! Desiccant packs and pouches soak it all up and help make your supplements last longer.

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