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Michael Mooney
One of the foremost experts on diet, hormones and supplements and a long-time exercise enthusiast. Michael Mooney is also the co-author of "Built To Survive", a book about medical options for people with HIV.
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Choosing A Multivitamin

QUESTION: What should I look for when choosing a multivitamin/mineral supplement? Are there things I should watch out for? Dangers? How do I know if I have a high quality product?

ANSWER: The real danger is spending hard-earned money and not getting enough potency to really do the job. The nonsense about vitamins being dangerous happens because people don’t understand dosing. National Academy of Sciences toxicity data confirm that there simply are no vitamins sold in the USA that have potencies high enough to be toxic. (See: michaelmooney.net/safety.pdf) The real problem is avoiding low potencies that don’t give you enough! I said it in my MUSCLE MEDIA column back in 1997, and it’s true today. The US National Weightlifting Team coach gives his athletes my father’s formula, the SuperNutrition Opti-Energy Pack (pictured above), because it is by far the most potent multivitamin, multimineral, and antioxidant formula in the world. The sports scientists at the Colorado Springs training center measured significant improvements in recovery after intensive exercise using it. A few years earlier, the Dallas Cowboys did a six week in-house study that showed 53% better improvements in running speed and 35% better improvements in strength tests compared to the Cowboys who didn’t take the Opti Energy Pack. It’s what I take, and what you should try. You’ll feel more energy and be able to lift more weight and run faster. An optimal potency vitamin and mineral foundation can improve the effects of everything you take and everything you do, because our biochemical systems, including hormones, are nutrient dependent.

If you want Michael Mooney to answer one of your questions, send it to questions@muscle-insider.com or visit www.medibolics.com. Check out his book "Built To Survive" which is the leading resource on the use of diet, exercise, supplements, steroids and other drugs to improve the health quality of those infected with HIV or those with compromised immunity. There are vast bodybuilding applications to these teachings.