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Elite Physique

Dan Kennedy

Educated at the University of Western Ontario, Dan employs his degree in Kinesiology as the foundation of his personal training business Elite Physique. He’s also a National level bodybuilder and judge. Dan’s earned a reputation for his knowledge and his tell-it-like-it-is approach to performance enhancement!

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Cheat Meal-Planning For Fat Loss

Q. What do you think about having a weekly cheat meal while losing fat?

A. We do not believe that a weekly cheat meal is a lifestyle change. Usually what happens is that weight is lost during the week and then regained on the weekend. Progress is slow or nonexistent because of the increase every weekend and you will end up spinning your wheels. Too much focus is spent during the week dreaming about what food will be consumed on the weekend. This approach may work with low-calorie meal plans, but this is not how our diets are designed.

Weekly cheat meals are designed to kick-start a slowed metabolism caused by a low-calorie diet. Our diets are designed to work with your body to lose fat, not force it to lose fat. However, we do believe that a planned cheat is not a cheat. These planned meals out (not full days) should be on special occasions. Planning for a meal out eliminates the guilt felt when a day of indulgence takes over.

If you want to get trained by Dan Kennedy, visit his website http://elitephysique.ca