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CAGEHEDZ to Appear in UFC Magazine

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MUSCLE INSIDER Owner Scott Welch with CAGEHEDZ creator John Gleneicki. CAGEHEDZ will soon be seen in UFC magazine!

John Gleneicki is the artist behind the world famous MUSCLEHEDZ cartoon series which we've been featuring in every issue of MUSCLE INSIDER magazine since 2010. Well behind the scenes, John's been secretly working on another exciting cartoon series but this one's entirely devoted to MMA - a sport John has a huge love for. The cartoon series is called CAGEHEDZ and it's absolutely hilarious! You're going to be hearing a lot more about CAGEHEDZ in the coming months because it's been picked up be featured in UFC magazine and their website! This means huge exposure for CAGEHEDZ and for John of course. We couldn't be happier for John and think CAGEHEDZ is going to be massive. For more info, check out