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2012 Master's Olympia Contest Results

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Dexter Jackson won the Masters Olympia coming in the best shape we've seen since the 2008 Mr. Olympia!

        2012 Masters Olympia Conest Results  


By: Jaime Filer & Scott Welch

Dexter Jackson wins the 2012 Masters Olympia in Miami and collects a prize of $75,000 in cash! Dexter also makes history with this win by becoming the first man to ever win both the Mr.Olympia (open class) and the Masters Olympia (open class). In 1982, Chris Dickerson won the Mr.Olympia (open class) and in 1994 he also won the Masters Olympia. But this win was in the "50+ class" they had for that particular Masters Olympia contest.

Top 5 results and prize purse:

1. Dexter Jackson - $75,000
2. Toney Freeman - $35,000
3. Dennis James- $25,000
4. Edward Nunn - $10,000
5. Ronny Rockel - $5,000

We're super proud of Dexter Jackson and we will be doing a full feature on him in the upcoming issue of MUSCLE INSIDER. Watch for it this January. Here's a preview of the feature we're doing next issue on The Blade Dexter Jackson!

How Did The Canadians Do In Miami?

Rob Belisle, Marc Lavoie, Amanda Johnson and Fiona Harris, competed in the Men's Bodybuilding, Bikini and Women's Fitness classes respectively, and represented Canada proudly in Miami! They all brought great packages to the stage and kicked off the last IFBB Pro show for 2012 with a bang! Below are some of the placings:


1) Dexter Jackson 

2) Toney Freeman

3) Dennis James

4) Ed Nunn

5) Ronny Rockel

6) Michael Kefalianos

7) Darrem Charles

8) Bill Willmore

9) Troy Alves

10) Drew Jammott

11) Tricky Jackson

12) Lee Banks

13) Nathan Wonsley

14) Jerome Ferguson

15) Sean Allan

IFBB Pro World Championships/Miami Pro Contest Results


1) Natalie Planes

2) Whitney Jonesi

3) Ryall Graber-Vasani

4) Diana Montiero

5) Fiona Harris Team Canada (Pictured Below)

6) Mikki Venzara

7) Amanda Hatfield

8) Debbie Fowler

9) Jennifer Bishop


1) Candice Lewis

2) Kamla Macko

3) Dana Ambrose

4) Elisha Archibold

5) Dawn Fernandez

6) Kenyatta Jones Arietta

7) Krista Dunn

8) Maria Garcia

9) Agnese Russo

10) Satrice Rigsby


1) India Paulino

2) Lacey Deluca

3) Yarelis Gonzalez

4) Yeshaira Robles

5) Aly Veneno

6) Monique Gantt

7) Gigi Amurao

8) Ashley Wade

9) Talia Terese

10) Nicole Moneer