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2010 IFBB John Simmons Detroit Pro Men’s 202lb

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Just 1 week out from the Olympia begins and we have another IFBB pro show! The 2010 IFBB John Simmons Detroit Pro Men's  202lb and under competitors will battle it out and MUSCLE INSIDER will be there to cover the event! There are 2 Canadian bodybuilders in the show - Mboya Edwards and Jason Marcovici. We saw Jason 6 weeks out and he was looking great. This is a comeback for him as he's taken a few years off now. Here are the competitors in this contest:

1. Jimmy Canyon (USA)
2. Pedro Barron Cuyas (Mexico)
3. Perenthesis Devers (USA)
4. Mark Dugdale (USA)
5. Edward Duque (Venezuela)
6. Myoba Edwards (Canada)
7. Daryl Gee (USA)
8. Lawrence Hunt (USA)
9. Tricky Jackson (USA)
10. Sean Jenkins (USA)
11. Rod Ketchens (USA)
12. James Llewellin (United Kingdom)
13. Daron Lytle (USA)
14. Jason Marcovici (Canada)
15. Luis Felipe Marinho (Brazil)
16. Stan McQuay (USA)
17. Jimmy Momany (USA)
18. Amir Sapir (Israel)
19. Cvetko Stojmenovski (Germany)