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The Informant

The Informant
The identity of the informant can't be revealed. He works in the supplement industry and he's here to blow the whistle on supplement corruption!
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Nitric Oxide Supplements

What’s your take on nitric oxide supplements like arginine and AAKG? It seems like AAKG is getting replaced by newer precursors.

Without a doubt, this is already happening, and the products are amino acids directly bonded with nitric acid. Real nitric acid! Now take a bunch of these compounds 37 to 48 minutes before your workout, and it should create a vasodilation effect within your body. These products work better than anything you could ever imagine when it comes to increased bioavailability, vasodialation, and solubility. Creatine nitrate, for example, stirs into solution instantly and is clear and ready to be absorbed. It’s not foggy and milky like creatine monohydrate, and it stays suspended in solution long after creatine monohydrate falls out and into a pile on the bottom of the glass. This is exactly what happens inside your stomach. Regular aminos and creatine sit in a pile in one small area of your stomach being absorbed, whereas nitrate-bound aminos stay suspended and are absorbed throughout the entire stomach lining, making them absorb not only better but also much faster.