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Phenomenal Abdominals

Markus Kaulius

Markus started in the supplement industry in 1999, selling sports nutrition to his friends. His focus on the health and fitness lifestyle lead to immediate success and in 2005, he started Magnum Nutraceuticals. He still trains 7 times per week and has appeared on countless magazine covers around the world.

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Introduction to Markus

My name is Markus Kaulius, and I’m the owner of Magnum Nutraceuticals. I love what I do—I’m extremely passionate about supplementation and exceeding the limits of the human body.

I haven’t always been the six-foot-six 220-pound man you see in the accompanying photo.

When I was fourteen, I shot up close to six inches in just one year, so that I was close to six-foot-five but only a measly120 pounds. Add to this an Eggo and Slurpee diet and you have one sad physique. I had no trouble getting the attention of bullies; my self-esteem and self-image couldn’t have been lower.

When I started lifting weights, I was transformed. I studied supplements like my life depended on it and felt my body change. Suddenly I had confidence and charisma, and I wasn’t afraid to show it. I realized that insecurity about my body had been holding me back. The bullies noticed the change in me too and moved on to easier prey.

I was hooked.

I started my first business—a smoothie company—when I was just 16 years old and sold it at the age of 19 so that I could focus on sports nutrition while I was in university. I was selling supplements out of my bedroom; friends refer to this as my “drug dealer phase” because my pager was always beeping. Within a few years, I outgrew my room and started a chain of supplement stores.

I started Magnum because I knew that no one was as obsessed with sports nutrition the way I was. My goal was to create a company that would never put profits ahead of integrity. The concept was simple: better ingredients, better results.

I look for the purest, most bioavailable, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and put them in the most cutting-edge formulas. You won’t find any fillers or subpar ingredients in my products. I personally test every Magnum product—hard! I love seeing what my body is capable of and how much harder I can push on my supplements.

Because I’m a natural lifter and always have been, I’m far from being the biggest dude in the room. But I pride myself on having a strong core. And that’s what this column is all about. It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to get rid of that beer gut or you want to chisel an already-stellar set of abs. If you are looking for six-pack tips, you’ve come to the right guy. I’m excited to share my core secrets with you over the next year and hope to help you not only transform your physique but become the healthiest you yet.

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