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Athlete Insider

Domenic Mauro B.A., IFBB Press Commission

Having worked the health and fitness industry for well over 25 years, Domenic is known by many for signing and working with some of the top athletes, celebrities and models in the health and fitness industry. He’s worked with well over 300 athletes including major league professionals, IFBB Pros, Mr./Ms. Olympias, Celebrity Trainers, Actors, WWE Stars, Professional MMA Fighters and some of the industry’s top name brand companies. In addition to working with the top supplement companies in the world, he has had the privilege of working on the sales and marketing of world class events as the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, the PGA Tour and CTV Olympic Games Broadcast.

In 2011, Domenic was appointed to the IFBB Press Commission to overlook media operations in North America. A few years later in 2014, he was honored with the distinguished IFBB Silver Medal of Achievement for outstanding contributions towards the promotion of Sport, Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle. In 2015, the IFBB bestowed an Honorary Master’s Degree in Bodybuilding and Fitness Methods. And in 2019, the industry honored Domenic with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Reserved for industry leaders and accomplished athletes, this honor recognizes an individual(s) whose career and leadership has greatly impacted and contributed to the growth, advancement and promotion of the health and fitness industry.

Domenic studied Kinesiology and Health Sciences while attending York University in Toronto and graduated with a degree in Human Psychology.

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Increasing Meal Frequency Enhances Fat-Loss Effects

We know eating high-protein foods (approximately 30 percent of daily caloric energy coming from protein) is ideal for fat loss and muscle sparing, but nutritionists at a college in the United States have also found that increasing meal frequency enhances the fat-loss effects of a protein-rich diet. The way they conducted the experiment was relatively simple. They started out with three groups: 

  1. Those eating 3 meals per day, with 15 percent of the calories coming from protein, 60 percent from carbs, and 15 percent from fat. This was considered to be the “traditional” Western diet.
  2. Those eating 3 meals per day, with 35 percent of the calories coming from protein, 45 percent from carbs, and 20 percent from fat.
  3. Those eating 6 meals a day, and also on a protein-rich diet.

The test subjects in the last two groups (high-protein diets) lost more fat than the group on the “traditional” Western diet. Not only that, but when in a caloric deficit, fat loss was faster in the high-protein group that ate six times a day and subjects gained more lean body mass. By comparison, the high-protein group that ate only three times a day lost a small amount of lean body mass. The mechanism by which the scientists concluded this happens is that a protein-rich diet boosts energy expenditure (the thermic effect of food is higher for protein), and this effect is enhanced by eating more often.

Diet and cardio are the two best tools for whole-body fat loss. Ab training is a great way to strengthen your core and to build abdominal muscle thickness, which will make your abs more visible when you strip off the fat covering them.

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