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Roger “Rock” Lockridge

Roger "Rock" Lockridge

Roger "Rock" Lockridge is Muscle Insider's Senior Writer and has been involved in the fitness industry in multiple roles since 2002, including as a personal trainer and supplement sales associate for multiple locations. He is best-known as a freelance writer whose work has been featured by publications such as Muscle & Fitness, Men's Health, BarBend, Bodybuilding.com, and others. As of 2022, he's had over 2,100 articles published in print and digitally in ten languages on six continents. His personal transformation and story has been featured in a variety of outlets such as Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, Huffington Post, Deseret News, Muscle & Strength, and Bodybuilding.com. Lockridge has contributed to Muscle Insider since 2021. He lives in West Virginia with his wife and son.

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Erin Banks Speaks About Making History and Leaving a Legacy

By Roger “Rock” Lockridge

Erin Banks made a lot of waves in the Men’s Physique division in 2022 when he won both the Arnold Classic and Olympia titles. For many athletes, winning an Arnold and Olympia in their careers would be the ultimate goal. Banks feels he’s just getting started. He’s already won a second Arnold Classic title in 2023, and he has his eyes set on going back-to-back at the Olympia as well. He wants to leave a long legacy and be associated with bodybuilding history. I had a chance to speak to the champ briefly at a recent event, and he’s both vocal and confident in his mission to dominate the division for a long time to come.

MI: If Jeremy Buendia and Raymont Edmonds both join you and Brandon Hendrickson on the Olympia stage in 2023, it would be the first time in history that four Men’s Physique Olympia winners shared a stage. What do you think about facing that kind of lineup in Orlando?

EB: It would be history, and I’ve been a part of a lot of history recently. That’s what I want to do. I want to take this division to a whole new level. I can’t wait to get in that battle if it happens.

MI: Most Olympia champions focus on just the Olympia. You wanted to defend the Arnold title as well. Why?

EB: Again, we’re talking about history. No one had ever won both in the same year. Now I’m trying to be the first to win both in the same year twice, so go back-to-back, back-to-back. So, let’s continue making history.

MI: You announced that you’re doing the Legion Sports Fest before the Olympia. Why that show in particular?

EB: It’s going to be a warm-up show leading up to the Olympia. I just love competing. Yeah, I could sit down if I want, but the athlete in me just loves getting on stage. That’s what it’s all about.

MI: Less than five years ago, you weren’t even in this sport. Before this interview, an amateur competitor asked you for a photo and shared how you inspired them by doing what you’re doing now. For the fan that hasn’t experienced that, what is it like?

EB: I’ve gotten that a lot lately, and it’s very humbling because I’m still new to this sport. The fact that I’m inspiring others by doing what I do is crazy. It feels great to be able to do that or help someone because they saw my personal transformation before I started competing. I think it’s also because I’m relatable in so many ways. I’m a dad and share that as well.

MI: You're also in a position that you could do that or make an impact on business by working with the companies and brands you do. How are you able to balance that with competing, training, and your role as a dad?

EB: We’re going into three and a half years in the industry, and my personal brand is growing for sure. As far as helping the companies go, just doing what I do and giving my best to them is what’s working, and it’s providing me with income as well. The balance is hard because of the father role. That’s the sticking point because dad life comes first. When I got two little ones needing my attention, that’s my full-time job as far as I’m concerned.

MI: Speaking of those children, any chance we’ll see them competing when they grow up?

EB: If that is what they want to be, be that. If they want to be something else, they can do them. Dad is going to be here with them every step of the way. The great thing is because they’re Erin Banks’ kids, they’re very athletic already. They already do soccer, tee-ball, and my daughter is a gymnast. I can see her doing Fitness. I might cry if that I see that happen. Seeing my kids compete and do what I did, that would be impressive.

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