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Bryan Haycock

What’s your take on Mentzer’s Heavy Duty training system?

I have no problem with Mentzer’s approach to performing a set or choice of exercises. What I have a problem with...

Do you still believe HST is the fastest way to grow? Has anything changed since you first introduced it?

Q. I’ve read that some of the top bodybuilders do tons of cardio to get ready for a contest. Is there anything I can do to get away with less time on the treadmill?

I hear a lot about a carb powder called Vitargo. They say it’s the best to replenish glycogen after a workout. I also hear the same thing about waxy maize, which I can get a lot cheaper...

I was thinking of using clenbuterol or Cytomel. I’m leaning towards the clen. What do you think would be best?

WARNING: The following...

Q. I’m following a carb-cycling diet and sprinting three times a week with 15 minutes of cardio on treadmill after my workouts. My upper body is shredded, but I’m having problems cutting...

Q. Is it really necessary to eat six meals a day rather than three meals for building muscle or losing fat? 

QUESTION: My chest responds really well to pretty much anything I do, but my lats suck. No matter what I do, they never seem to grow. What can I do?


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