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Wayne Chambers

IFBB Pro Men's Physique

Wayne started competing mostly because he wanted something new to push himself in- and outside of the gym. At that time, Wayne was looking for a new sport or activity to get involved with. As a full-time personal trainer, Wayne saw that this industry went hand in hand with his business, and it has allowed him to grow, stay focused, and help others reach their goals. After playing football for 10 years, Wayne is happy that he took chances and found something to keep him motivated. Wayne’s first show was the Luchka O’Brien OPA Show back in March 2012.  He says he “didn’t know what to expect and was a bit nervous about the whole idea of being onstage.”  After winning the overalls, he found himself highly addicted to the sport, which led him to the Nationals, where he earned his IFBB pro card in 2013. Wayne believes that hard work always pays off!

From Amherstburg, Ontario, Wayne lives in Windsor, Ontario.
Favourite body part:  “Shoulders all day! Can’t grow taller? Grow wider.”
Strongest body part: “Chest—pound for pound, my strongest lift.”
Favourite Supplement: Myostane MX by Ceuticore Nutrition
Ceuticore Sponsored Athlete
Contest Weight: 167 lb.
Date of Birth: January 9, 1987
Years Competing: 1.5 years

As a certified personal trainer, Wayne offers fit recipes/nutritional tips, sweat dripping/muscle tearing workout routines for men and women and education for a healthier you!

Competition History:
2005 OFSSA Football Championship
2012 Mississauga Luchka O’Brien Physique Overall Winner
2012 Ontario Men’s Physique Overall Champion
2012 CBBF Nationals 3rd Place Men’s Physique Medium
2012 NPC North American Championships Top 10
2013 Arnold Amateur 4th Place Men’s Physique Short
2013 CBBF Nationals 1st Place Men’s Physique Short; earned IFBB pro card