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Vince Wawryk


I started playing with weights back in high school to build some strength to play for the high school football team. I then graduated and moved on to post- secondary school. I joined a gym and it all started from there. At 5ft 4 ¾ inches tall and 142lbs the bodybuilding game began. I entered the game and was fascinated on the changes I was seeing. I read every book and magazine to help guide me to my first show. After placing first in the two shows I competed in. I moved on to what was called the Western Canadians. I competed 6 times at the Canadian Nationals winning first place four times, with the Overall in 2007. I took a year off to spend time with family and friends. In 2009, I made my pro debut. Now after 3 pro shows and a 4th place finish in New York, I am just getting started. I can say, when I won Nationals in 2007 I was at my best. One thing the pro ranks has not seen yet is Vince at his best. My keys to success are my wife Tracy and 4 children Tyler, Levi, twins Jayden and Jesse. Without their continued support, competing in the health and fitness industry would be very difficult. In this sport it is very challenging to compete without superior nutrition products.

To contact Vince, visit: www.musclebymail.com

Contest History

2007 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships - Mens Middle

2009 Europa Super Show, Mens Bodybuilding: 202 & Under (14th)

2010 New York Pro Mens 202 & Under (4th)

2010 Europa Show of Champions - Orlando Mens 202 & Under

2011 Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Tampa Pro Championships 202 & Under (7th)

2012 Muscle Heat - Pro 212 & Under (8th place)