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Victoria Rose

B.Sc. Honors in Kinesiology, CSEP-CEP, Health Expert.

I’m Victoria Rose! I help people regain control of their health! I specialize in teaching others how to live a healthier life without sacrificing their sanity or food they love eating - creating lasting changes. 

I struggled with weight my entire life. I was never able to stick with a diet long enough to make lasting lifestyle or habitual changes. Two years ago I found the key to success, and lost 30lbs. Since then, I’ve maintained a body fat percentage of 15% or less, all year round. I’ve developed a healthy relationship with my body and food - living a life of balance and happiness. Did I mention, I’m in complete control of my weight and mindset around dieting?!

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”

- Viktor Frankl

I live a very active, healthy lifestyle that requires me to constantly fuel my body with quality food. I’m also celiac, so finding healthy snacks and meals I trust are gluten free is key. However, since I can’t always find the right macro breakdown with gluten free products, I bake my own high-protein meals. I LOVE to bake. I’m always finding new ways to hack your favourite baked goods - increasing protein and decreasing refined sugars, but maintaining the delicious flavour and texture you know and love. 

Work with me! I’ll help you achieve your goals and fall in love with the process - fall in love with yourself. 

Website: www.victoriarosefitness.com/live

Instagram: @victoriarosefitness

Facebook: Victoria Rose Fitness