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Torey Hunt

Whether he’s making a gourmet meal with the finest beef tenderloin or converting canned spam into a culinary delight, Torey is an energetic home cook with an endless curiosity for experimentation. 

With a background in competitive strongman, powerlifting, and bodybuilding, competing in Canada’s Top Protein Chef is the perfect blend of interests for Torey.

As a child Torey created fond memories spending time helping his mom in the kitchen before developing a real passion for cooking in his early twenties.

This year, Torey decided to take his culinary passion to the next level by vowing to cook at least one new dish a week and documenting the delicious results on his Instagram account (@toreyh) and blog ToreyHunt.com

Will his dreams go up in flames, like an overcooked roast? Or will he rise to the occasion, like a freshly baked sourdough? Only time will tell.