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Sue Ling Yip


Home town: Beloeil, Quebec
Currently reside in: Toronto, ON
Age: 38 years old
Day time profession:  Financial Crimes Investigator / Risk & Compliance Consultant
Full time professional athlete

I’ve always been active for as long as I can remember, I was a ballerina at the age of 4 and fulfilled my mother’s dream until I was 15 years old. After moving from Montreal to Toronto, I discovered the art of Muay Thai and like everything I do, I put my 100% efforts into it and became a fighter/instructor 5 years later… the ring was the place where I was the happiest, hammering whoever wanted to jump in with me! Fighting helped me channel all the emotions I was dealing with, and turned it into something positive and productive. Fighting also instilled a discipline and mentality that I carry with me in every aspect of my life. After winning the 2009 provincial championship, I trained for my first fitness show that took place in October 2010. I had never realized what that sport involved and I gained a new level of appreciation for what I had seen on stage. It was then that I understood, there was a lot more behind the glittering suits, the tan and the make-up. I was hooked, with a challenge to be conquered and as my training ethics had it, I put all my efforts and focus in becoming the best figure competitor I could be. Training to win is the only way I know. In the ring, there is no Top 5, there is only one winner. That’s the spot I train for.

After competing in various organizations, I did my first OPA show in London, November 2012, winning 1st place in Open and Masters.  Onto the 2013 Ontario Provincial Championship where I learned a lot about myself, not placing where I was hoping to. I had barely made Top 5 so my coach Adam Headland, and I decided to work on some improvements to bring a better package at Nationals the following year. He gave me a plan and I executed on it. Going in hoping for Top 5 was not an option. Fast-forward to the CBBF Nationals in 2014, where my sweat and blood paid off, and I won the Overall Figure Masters title and my IFBB Pro card.

My pro debut will be at the 2015 Omaha Pro and I will also of course compete at home at the Toronto Pro Super Show.  Who knows what 2015 will bring!

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