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Steven Olema

Steven Olema
Toronto, ON
Anatomic Fitness Gym (Home gym)

If Steven Olema could be described in one word, it would be “driven.” The Ugandan-born personal trainer, who fled with his family to a refugee camp in Sudan before coming to Canada, credits seeing a photo of bodybuilder Mohammed Makkawy as the inspiration for his love of the sport, as well as his ideal physique. “I had never seen a body like that and I was really captivated by it,” he says. Steven adds he was always active and embraced athletics. With Makkawy’s image uppermost in his mind, Steven took his bodybuilding pursuits seriously enough to compete successfully; he also came very close to meeting his idol several times. When Steven is not competing, he is training clients at his private gym or engaged in community events or charitable and volunteer work. As he puts it, “I am living my dream. I’m a bodybuilder, working with people. I see the difference that it makes in their lives, and it gives me great satisfaction.”