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Stacey Taylor

For over a decade, Stacey has been a personal trainer and nutritionist transforming bodies all over the world. She is a two time award winning bikini competitor and former MC of the Ontario Physique Association of Canada.

Stacey is all about nutrition. She is fixated on changing how we eat. She will take any recipe and transform it into healthy, delicious high-protein alternatives.

Stacey believes health is wealth. She mixes sports and holistic nutrition for “an everything in moderation” approach for a healthy well rounded lifestyle

To help spread the word, she published a fitness magazine based on helping women of all shapes and sizes showing them how easy it is to transform their lives through healthy habits.

Stacey also keeps a food prep service, a fitness company and has interviewed many Top IFBB Pros like Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and Fitness sensation Myriam Capes of Canada.

Stacey pledges to donate all the food she creates during the Muscle Insider Protein Chef challenge to feed the needy with good healthy food during this pandemic.


Instagram: @givingisliving7

Facebook: Stacey Taylor

Twitter: @staceyscarblife