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Sherie Miron

Sherie Miron
The Gym Fitness Centre
Sudbury, ON

website: www.sheriemiron.com

After six years of overcoming many challenges in her personal life and health transformation, Sherie Miron lost over 120 pounds and began competing in bodybuilding contests throughout the OPA. In the process, she declares that she found her passion. “When I hit the stage, my total weight loss was 130 pounds, drug-free and surgery-free—just hard work, clean eating, and commitment. You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go!” she proclaims. Since then, she has competed in five shows (including the 2011 and 2012 Toronto Pro SuperShows), and placed top five twice. She’s also appeared twice in a leading women’s fitness magazine as well as started her own blog, where she share recipes and tips, relaying the story of her journey to help motivate and inspire others. Since she recently became a certified personal trainer, Sherie is ecstatic to be able to support, inspire, and motivate her clients and people to achieve their healthy fitness goals. “I am driven by my experiences and the healthy lifestyle that I lead to help others,” says Sherie, “by giving them the tools, guidance, and moral support to attain true health in all aspects of their lives.”