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Setanta Carroll


Setanta Carroll grew up in the suburbs of Dublin, Ireland and spent his childhood pursuing a career in athletics. He competed over the 100 meters and gradually moved his way up to the 800m winning provincial titles, running in the National Final and competing all over Ireland, the UK and South Africa.

As time went on injuries and a focus on academia pushed him away from athletics and with it the massive mileage that was put in as part of the sport. When Setanta made the switch from long steady cardiovascular work to resistance training and HIT style workouts his body changed dramatically, and during his time in college he went from 130lbs to 180lbs in the space of four years. Unfortunately the college lifestyle meant that not all of that 50lbs was good weight!

In 2011, Setanta graduated with honours from his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance and went directly into the work force as a financial consultant. The first role he got was in Toronto, Canada for what was supposed to be a three month contract. Over the first few months he adopted the lifestyle of the after work beers and the restaurant lunches. The lifestyle took its toll and over that period the one time National athlete became a guy that would struggle to complete a 5k fun run.....

There was a local fitness event on just west of Toronto and as a goal to work towards Setanta decided to enter. 10 weeks of dieting and hours in the gym with very little understanding of how to really get in shape, he turned up and finished dead last. It was an ego blow but it lit the fire to learn about and understand the fundamentals behind training, nutrition and performance. The next year was spent trying every training protocol that looked promising and every dietary regimen out there to find out what works and why.

In 2013, competing under the name Setanta (a nickname given to him by his Dad) he won his first overall Men's Physique title in Stratford, Ontario and went on to win the overall at provincial level and a second place on the National stage the same year. The Canadian Nationals gave him a taste of how it feels to be on the cusp of achieving his IFBB pro card and in the Spring of 2014 he overcame the world’s best Amateur Men's Physique Athletes to win his class and his IFBB pro card at the Arnold Amateur Classic in Columbus Ohio.

Favourite Body Part to Work: Genuinely look forward to Leg day
Strongest Body Part: Chest or Quads
Favourite Supplement: Optimum Nutrition Cookies and Cream Hydrowhey
Competition Weight: 180–185 lb
How Long Has He Been Competing? Since 2013

Contest History:
Oktoberfest Natural Classic – 3rd place
Stratford OPA – 1st Medium and Overall
OPA Ontario Provincials – 1st Medium and Overall
Candian Nationals – 2nd place Medium
August 2014: Arnold Amateur – Earned Pro Card
June 2014: IFBB Toronto Pro - 11th