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Sean Sapera


Sean Sapera began working out when he was 17, around when he joined the army. Sean began working out and training as a long-distance runner; he competed in various endurance competitions while still dabbling in lifting weights. Around the age of 19, Sean realized that he enjoyed weights much more than running, and he began taking his training more seriously. Sean credits the convenience of a gym in his building for making it easy for him to go work out at any given moment.

Sean made gains from 165 pounds to 220 pounds in two years (naturally) and says that he literally ate everything, but because the army is big on running, he still managed to stay lean. Sean says he has “always been competitive and trained as hard as I could to grow. I went to my first show to watch my girlfriend compete in bikini, and we heard about a new category coming out, which was the men’s physique class. Knowing I’d never be big enough to compete in bodybuilding, I chose to try it.”

At this time, Sean was peaked out at 240 pounds and made the move to cut down to 186 pounds for his first show. He was shocked at how much weight he had lost, and says, “I thought I was so small, and morale was low, but thankfully I ended up winning my show and overall. From then on I was hooked, moving on to my next show, the Natural International qualifier, where I received my IFBB pro card!” One month after winning his IFBB pro card, Sean competed at his first pro show, the IFBB New York Pro show. Sean placed sixth, which he says felt amazing, as he hadn’t expected to do well at his first show. Placing in the top 10 wasn’t all that made that show a great experience for Sean; while there he “got to meet some real legends in the sport and see some amazing physiques to aspire to. What an experience.”

Sean decided to compete again a few months after New York and chose the Valenti Gold Cup in Sarasota, Florida, where he placed 16th. Sean says the result was his fault: “I slacked on my diet and lost focus somewhere along the way.”

What’s next for Sean? Right now he is prepping for next season’s shows and cannot wait to bring a whole new package to the stage, as well as to compete alongside his girlfriend, Breanne Hensman, who recently won her pro card as well. Says Sean, “She’s my driving force.”

Favourite Body Part to Work: “It’s a tossup between shoulders and back.”
Strongest Body Part: “Definitely my chest.”
Favourite Supplement: “Amino Recovery by Inner Armour. So tasty.”
Competition Weight: “190–195 lb. and I walk around at about 230 lb.”
How Long Has He Been Competing? “I’ve only been competing for a year, but essentially training all my adult life.”

Contest History:
August 2013: Valenti Gold Cup
May 2013: IFBB New York Pro
April 2013: CBBF Natural International Qualifier – earned IFBB pro card
October 2012: Muscle Beach Fall Classic