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Santana Anderson


Santana Anderson is an IFBB Pro Canadian bodybuilder, born and raised in the small fishing community of Canso, Nova Scotia. Like most youngsters, Santana began lifting weights when he picked up a bodybuilding magazine at the age of twelve – he knew instantly that he wanted to look just like the athletes on those pages. His love of weight training led him to working as a personal trainer and eventually Anderson opened up his own supplement shop.

Santana Anderson’s road to the pros began in 2002 when he start training for his first show where he placed second as a light heavy. Over the course of the next four years, Anderson had varying successes at the national level but decided to put bodybuilding on the back burner to finish up his degree and start a family with wife Lisa. 2010 marked Santana Anderson’s return to the sport, and with the help of training partner Salim Satir, he would win the CBBF Nationals and earn his IFBB Pro Card. As a pro, Santana Anderson cracked into the top 10 at the 2012 FIBO Germany, placing 9th in a very competitive line-up.  


Born: Canso, Nova Scotia

Date: August 26, 1979

Resides: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Height: 5'8"

Level: IFBB Pro

Arms: 19" 

Waist: 32" 

Thighs: 30"

Calves: 19"

Neck: 19"

Chest: 55"

Contest weight: 240 lbs

Off-season weight: 270 lbs


2012 FIBO Germany, 9th

2011 Toronto Pro Supershow, June

2011 Tampa Pro, June

2011 Europa Battle of Champions, July

2011 Toronto Pro Supershow, 11th

2011 Tampa Pro, 12th

2010 CBBF Nationals 1st place Heavyweight and Overall Champ

2006 CBBF Nationals 5th place Heavyweight

2005 NSABBA Heavyweight and Overall Champ

2004 CBBF Nationals 6th place Heavyweight

2003 NSABBA Heavyweight Champ