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Sandra Wickham


Sandra Wickham started off as a track and field athlete. To improve from year to year, she had to weight train both on-season and off-season. The rest, as they say, is history. She fell in love with bodybuilding. After graduating university, Sandra moved to Whistler, BC and divided her time between working in a gym, working out, and snowboarding (a popular pastime in the mountains of BC). She knew about the competitive side of the sport, but didn’t know how to go about preparing for or entering a show. Enter a backpacking trip to Australia and New Zealand. Sandra’s first-ever fitness competition was actually down south in Australia! She placed second in the 1997 Ms. Fitness Queensland competition and was officially hooked. Upon returning to Canada, she sought show after show. “Fitness” was still a relatively new category when Sandra burst on the competitive scene, so she made a point of always trying to learn, grow, and improve from show to show. And if you look at the pictures, you’ll see an incredible progression of her physique and routines.

In terms of her professional life, Sandra became a personal trainer and fitness instructor in 1995, and after years of working for someone else, she eventually branched off and became the success she always knew she could be.

Sandra is undeniably passionate about training herself and others, and you can tell from her accolades (and those of the competitors she trains) that she holds a special place in her heart for training clients and giving them 100 percent of her efforts, knowledge, and experience. She’s been in the industry 15+ years and gotten more than 100 women onstage—what more can you ask for?

Interesting story about her first show

You’ll notice it says “Queensland, Australia.” Sandra actually competed in her first show on a whim. She was backpacking in Australia, and during one of her workouts at a gym in Brisbane, someone suggested she do the Ms. Fitness Queensland, which was being held in five weeks. So she trained and dieted with only five weeks to go, and placed a very impressive second, losing by only one point to a local.

Contest History

  • 2008 IFBB Fitness Europa Super Show14th Place 
  • 2007 IFBB Fitness Santa Susana, Spain Pro 6th Place
  • 2007 IFBB Fitness Arkansas All Star Pro Show 4th Place
  • 2006 IFBB Fitness Europa Super Show 10th Place
  • 2005 IFBB Sacramento Pro Fitness Show 6th Place
  • 2005 IFBB Pro Fitness Emerald Cup 13th Place
  • 2004 Canadian Nationals Medium Class 2nd Place **Awarded IFBB Pro Card**
  • 2003  CBBF World Qualifier 2nd Place
  • 2002 Canadian Nationals Medium Class 1st Place
  • 2001 West Coast Naturals-Fitness 1st Place
  • 1999 Canadian National Fitness Competition 6th Place
  • 1998 Gator’s Fitness Island Classic, Victoria BC 1st Place
  • 1997 Ms Fitness Queensland, Australia 2nd Place