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Ryan Lyn


Ryan Lyn, BSc., OCT, CSCS
Ontario Certified Teacher
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Georgetown, ON

For Ryan Lyn, “being a strength and conditioning specialist enables me to bring out the best in people. I utilize my education, creativity, and passion to help my clients to become stronger, fitter, and healthier than they ever thought possible.” With an impressive 4000-plus training hours logged since 2002 and degrees in education and biology, Ryan offers his clients training expertise and supplement advice that “allows me to read past all of the marketing hype and really tell whether a product is useful or is best left on the shelves.” He adds, “I’ve successfully trained individual athletes, entire athletic teams, bodybuilding and fitness competitors, rehabilitation clients, and ‘regular people’ just trying to get fitter.” So how has Ryan managed to accomplish such success with such a busy schedule? “I get up each morning excited to start my day.”