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Rosa Valente

Kingston, Ontario
https://www.facebook.com/rosa.valente2?fref=ts https://twitter.com/divas_dumbbells

Rosa is a national fitness competitor, fitness model, and certified pro trainer. She has a master’s in biology, a minor in sports psychology, and a minor in nutrition.

She has been a competitive athlete from a very young age, starting her career as a gymnast. In university, she knew she wanted to further her career in athletics and pursued the fitness industry at a larger scale. She turned her dreams into reality when she decided to take her talents to a higher level and prepared for her first fitness show. Her love for the sport grew from there. With determination, she has been successful at winning over seven fitness and figure titles, as well as the overalls in each show. Her biggest accomplishment was placing third at the Arnold Amateurs in 2011.

She has over 20 years of experience in athletics and has been continuously involved in the fitness community not only through the competitive stage but also sharing her passion through a successful business as a fitness consultant and online contest prep coach at Divas and Dumbbells.

She says, “Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and you will take yourself where you need to go.”