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Roni Davis

Name: Roni Davis

Specialty: Weight loss, body sculpting/transformation
Certifications: CFP Personal Training Specialist (PTS), Nutrition/Wellness Specialist (NWS)
City and province: Baddeck, NS
Training style: Bodybuilding

Why did you become a personal trainer? 

I spent years overweight, starting a new diet every Monday only to either fall off the wagon by Monday afternoon and throw in the towel or not see any results because I was eating all the wrong things and not exercising enough or at all. When I finally did manage to stick to a diet and lose the weight I, like many people, did it entirely the wrong way because I didn’t know any better at the time and was still unhappy with how I looked. Eventually, I found my way to weight training and learned how important lifting and proper nutrition is to how we look, feel, perform, and even age. I also learned that everything I (and most of the general population) thought I knew about losing weight, dieting, and exercising was all wrong. I felt like I had been given such an incredible gift with this new lifestyle and new knowledge that I needed to change the focus of my life and help other people in the same place I was for so many years. I didn’t want another woman to ever feel stuck in an overweight body she hated or try to starve herself skinny. It became my life’s passion.

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to you? 

I think people gravitate towards me because I’m a living example of my work—proof that anyone can change their bodies and their lives dramatically. I show them what’s possible if they’re willing to work, and together we produce impressive results. On top of that, I focus a lot on pushing people past their own perceived limits, forcing them to realize they’re so much stronger than they know. It’s important to me that I help women in particular improve the relationships they have with their bodies.

Greatest client success story.

It’s really hard to narrow this down to just one because I truly consider every single woman that walks away from her time with me not only with a greater understanding of how food affects how they look and feel but also with a greater appreciation for her body, more self-confidence and a love of weight training to all be among my greatest successes.

Why do you think you can rep BSN like a boss? What do you love about the brand? 

I have been using supplements for years and have tried so many that are a terrible waste of money; in fact, most are, in my opinion. I also know that many people spend way too much money on these very same junk products. I have a big mouth and a huge amount of respect for a company that produces products worth the money we spend on them and deliver what they promise. When I love it, I believe firmly in promoting it so everyone is going to know it, and I have a strong social media presence to work with.

I love so many things about the brand: The high caliber and diversity of BSN athletes. I also love the care and attention to detail with which BSN products are created—exceptional products that don’t sacrifice flavour.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

No matter what someone’s goals are when they hire a personal trainer, they’re in for a rough ride. Losing weight, gaining muscle, changing lifestyle habits—it’s all hard work, and I think the best personal trainers are the ones who can relate to what their clients struggle with most and help guide them through it. I’ve literally done it all. I’ve been young and thin without having to work for it. I’ve been the busy, overweight mom to a special needs child who neglected herself for years; the couch potato who would rather get a root canal than ever put a vegetable to her lips or do even five minutes of exercise. I’ve been the serial dieter trying a new diet every week. I’ve been the die-hard runner, the one with disordered eating and body image … all the way to the champion figure competitor with a healthy body image and healthy relationship with food.

On top of that, I’ve done it all without even having access to a gym. My clients frequently express having better workouts with me than they ever have in commercial gyms and come from towns as much as an hour away for sessions with me. I produce incredible workouts and outstanding results with next to no equipment.

What is your favourite BSN product and why? 

Easy, Syntha-6! It goes without saying: This is hands down the best protein on the market. There’s not a single flavour that isn’t absolutely delish, and it mixes great, even in just a glass!