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Robin Prest

Name: Robin Prest
Occupation: Personal Trainer and Makeup Artist
Home Gym, city and province: Norwest GoodLife, Kingston/ Toronto, Ontario
Cooking style: Baker by Heart

Why did you decide to start making healthy recipes? 

I originally started experimenting with healthy recipes when I made the commitment to compete in my first show in 2012. This initial goal turned into a passion for competing, living a healthy lifestyle, and helping other women feel the positive results that I experienced. I create healthy recipes to help my clients learn how they too can eat clean, get results, and enjoy their food.

What do you think is the reason #CleanEating is so popular? 

I believe #CleanEating is popular because of the way that it makes you feel. When you first commit to eating clean, it can be an adjustment, but as soon as you get into the habit, you get hooked. Filling your body with clean foods not only helps you reach your fitness goals but also helps you internally feel and be more healthy.

What is your greatest success or transformation story in the health/fitness industry? 

My greatest success in the industry would be hitting the National stage in 2015. My greatest transformation story would be overcoming a bad rebound after competing and losing 60 pounds this past year. Through all my experiences in the healthy industry I have learned and grown in so many ways. This would be my overall success.

Why do you think you can rep Optimum Nutrition like a boss? What do you love about the brand? 

Because I love their products! I have experience in the supplement industry and am an avid user of supplements. I am also super-creative and think outside the box when it comes to cooking! So I can turn anything and everything they have into whatever I want. I also have a strong command on social media.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Best Protein Chef?

I believe I should be Canada's Best Protein Chef because I am just an average person but have big goals and experience in the fitness and health industry. I strive to be a positive role model through showing others how they can eat clean, kill it in the gym, and live a balanced, happy lifestyle.

What is your favourite Optimum Nutrition product and why? 

One of my favorite Optimum Nutrition products is Amino Energy. Why? Because it provides energy and a great amino blend and promotes recovery, plus it comes in so many flavours!


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