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Robin Hillis


Robin Triple Dee Bio

Ever since I can remember I was an athletic kid.  Summersaults and cartwheels, dunking basketballs until dark and in the winter, I was always the last kid on the ice rink my dad would make for us.  My parents never had money but they started me in gymnastics, then tap and jazz dance and finally piano lessons.  By the time I graduated grade 8, I was playing slow pitch baseball, basketball, volleyball and ran track.  At the end of Grade 12, I found a magazine that featured Cory Everson and knew I wanted to join a gym.  Not only to weight train, but I wanted to continue staying in shape after I graduated.

I joined Golds Gym and 2 years later was on the McKenzie Challenge Bodybuilding stage, weighing a whopping 138 lbs!!!  That was 1993 and I knew I found my hobby.  I knew I needed to fill out my tall frame, so took some time off to try to gain some size.  I also had my 2 daughters during this time.  For me, this sport has never been about fast tracking but enjoying every experience along the way.  Being a single mom, I was okay with taking my time to fulfil dreams. 

2003, I had the urge to compete again.  I did the Musclemania in Toronto and knew it was not for me.  I wanted to go back to the Ontario Physique Association and get to the provincial stage.  I continued my diet and ended up on stage in Mississauga at the level 1 show and placed 3rd.  2004, I ventured to Elliott Lake in Sudbury and placed 1st and won overall at the level 2.  2 weeks later, I reached my goal.  I was on the Ontario Provincial Championships stage in London.  I won my weight class and decided to take a year off before I did the Nationals.  Again, I knew I had to fill out my legs and overall package being a taller athlete.

2005, I did my first nationals in Laval Quebec and placed 9th (I think) out of a very big, overwhelming class.  I knew I had to make some serious changes if I wanted to earn that “well sought after” pro card.  I took the next 5 years off, enjoyed my girls, trained hard and tried to maintain a balanced lifestyle.
Since then, I have guest posed in Trinidad, along side Cedric MacMillan and Shawn Rhoden and earned my pro card 2014 in Laval, Quebec (kinda nolstalgic for me as my first nationals were there).

My competition history is:

1993 McKenzie Challenge open Level 1 2nd place
2003 Musclemania HW
2003 Mississauga Show open Level 1 3rd place
2004 Elliot Lake HW Level 2 1st place and overall
2005 Canadian Nationals Laval Quebec 9th place
2010 Canadian Nationals Saskatoon HW 9th place
2010 Canadian Nationals Saskatoon Masters 8th place (I think)
2010 North Americans Masters 5th Place
2011 Arnold Amateurs HW 15th place
2012 Ontario Provincials HW 2nd place
2012 Canadian Nationals Edmonton
2013 North Americans HW 4th place
2013 North Americans Masters 5th place
2014 Ontario Provincials HW 1st place and overall winner
2014 North Americans HW 5th place
2014 North Americans Masters 5th place
2014 Canadian Nationals Laval Quebec HW 1st and earned pro card

Right now, I am enjoying life a bit before I decide what show I would like to do as a new pro.  I love my daughters, my dogs and donuts!  And no that’s not where the triple Dee came from…that’s another story!  Thanks for reading this one!!!! Cheers