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Reggie Bradshaw

Name: Reggie Bradshaw

Social Media: 

Instagram: @reggiebradshaw_

Website: www.rizefitness.ca

Gym Name and Address: Rize Fitness: 188 Smithe St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 6A9

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

I care about this business and my people more than anyone I know. Since becoming a Strength Coach over 10 years ago I have made it my mission to give the best quality service to everyone who has ever trained with me.  By constantly staying hungry for knowledge, continuing my education, and working with the best in the industry including the likes of Charles Poliquin, my clients get results whether it’s training for a sport, getting ready for a TV/Movie role or just being ready for life. Through word of mouth, social media and the film industry, I have built a brand and have become the go to guy in my city when it comes to health and fitness. With having so much support, it has allowed me to open up the best private training facility in the heart of downtown Vancouver. So does this make me the top trainer? Well that’s really for you guys to decide.