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Pirooz Varasteh

Toronto, Ontario

Pirooz likes to call himself a “professional trainer” rather than a “personal trainer.” He has trained countless athletes to successfully reach their fitness goals. He has helped train clients to achieve top-three national placings. This includes two bodybuilding competitions and one karate competition!

Sports have always been part of Pirooz’s life since his father introduced and taught him karate at the ripe age of two. Pirooz is a multitalented martial artist and bodybuilder.

During his competition years, he earned a laundry list of wins including becoming a two-time Canadian champion in karate, winning the World Qualifier Canadian Championships, and becoming the welterweight champion of Canada. Pirooz placed top five in a Canadian Open Bodybuilding competition and has also won various European championship titles in karate and kickboxing.

What sets Pirooz apart from other trainers is his training routines. He applies a combination of martial arts and weight-training practices in order to achieve optimal results. He also loves making his clients feel good about themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Pirooz just started a healthy delivery food business to compliment his training practice, FitFoodToGo.ca.