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Ondrej Leipert

Name: Ondrej Leipert

Specialty: Body Transformations, online coaching, contest prep coach, fitness chef

Certifications: Personal Trainer Specialist

Home Gym, city and province: My Trainer 365 in Vancouver, BC

Training style: Dependent my client’s needs.

Why did you become a personal trainer?

When I was a young boy of 10yrs old, I saw the movie “Dirty Dancing” and was so inspired by Patrick Swayze.  His body shape and personality and talent were an example to me and one that I wanted to aspire to.  I started reading fitness magazines and books and learning everything that I could about body building and fitness.  I learned how to give my body the correct nutrients and supplements for fitness and muscle growth and health.  I sought out and got a great coach and trainer who was passionate about what he did and was willing to bring out the best in me.  I saw what a difference one person can make in the life of another.  This was my motivation to become a personal trainer and help people reach their full potential.  I know this is my purpose and my passion and drive and I wake up every day full of fire to make this day the best for my clients and myself. 

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to you?

I have asked my clients why they chose me as their trainer.  The first answer I get is that I have a great reputation as a trainer who is very knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements and training and gets the best client results.   I have also been told that my clients wanted to choose someone who is an example of the physique that can be achieved.  I always lead by example.  I practice the healthy lifestyle I teach and have the results to show for it.  I show up 100% for my clients, 100% focus, listening, being present, proposing solutions to barriers, inspiring and always driving them on forward. I give them the knowledge, tools and support to reach their goals.  My clients success is my success.  I want to touch people’s lives in a way that they adopt an enduring healthy fit lifestyle for a lifetime and I believe my clients are inspired by that.

Greatest client success story

Every amount of progress of my clients is important and it is hard to pick just one.  Someone losing 5 pounds of body fat can be a life victory, and for another client 25 pounds is easy and without attention.  I am proud of all of my clients but if I have to pick one it would be Krissy.  I still remember the impact of her nice personality when we had our initial consultation.  She signed up for a 90 days body transformation.  Her goal was to change her average body and improve her eating habits.  Every single week when she came for a check in session she would present progress every single time.  The crucial thing is that she always followed my program.  She never asked if she could cheat because she realized that if you are not happy with your physique, cheating definitely does not help you.  She has attained a beautiful body and not only that but has gained confidence, mental strength, discipline and self respect.  On top of that she won1st place at Iron Ore Classic Bikini competition at Prince George last year. She is proof positive the effects of fitness and she is an inspiration to others.

Why do you think you can rep EFX Sports like a boss? What do you love about the brand?

First and foremost I love the brand.  What I love about the brand is that provides all essential products for my Body Transformation programs, when smartly chosen supplement can be very supportive. I am passionate about what the proper supplements can do when incorporated in a proper nutrition and training program and EFX is at the top of my list for supplements.  Proper nutrition and supplementation are the foundation with which to build an amazing physique with.  I have the passion and drive for EFX Sports and bodybuilding to represent the brand like a boss!  I believe that by representing EFX Sports I would provide enormous value, and could really have a positive effect on people’s lives on a large scale.  This is what I aspire to every day, providing enormous value and having a positive effect on peoples lives.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

I should be Canada’s top trainer because I am an example what can be achieved with proper nutrition, supplementation, training and healthy lifestyle.  I have the purpose, passion, drive, results and solid values necessary to be Canada’s top trainer.  I provide enormous value to my clients and I know that the more I give of myself to them, the more inspired they are, and the higher they reach.  It is amazing the positive effect one person can have on the lives of everyone they touch, and I want to be that person.

That is why in addition to my training and transformation programs, I opened Vancouver Nutrition Mastery Center and as well, am offering corporate programs, in an effort to improve the lives of many more people.

What is your favorite EFX product and why?

Karbolyn. This carbohydrate drink is game changer. Most of my clients are women, they have 10-15 x less testosterone then mans so to build each ounce of lean muscle takes enormous effort. Thanks Karbolyn which release the most anabolic hormone – insulin, women can ovoid catabolic muscle destruction effect during workouts and build lean muscle faster.