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October 2018 - Melanie Cyr

Name: Melanie Cyr

Occupation: Family Physician (3rd year of practice)

Hometown: Moncton, NB

Age: 28

Martial Status: Married to Pascal Cyr

Competition Category: Bikini - trained by Team LudaChris

Favourite Food: Steak; cheesecakes and doughnuts

Something Interesting About You: (I realized I'm not the most interesting person haha)

  • Before I got involved in the health/fitness industry, I used to dance ballet 6 times a week - did a few competitive shows. I attended the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for a summer - sadly I cannot do the splits anymore :P
  • I own two frenchies - they are basically my babies
  • I love to travel - favorite place so far is Hawaii; hoping to travel to Vancouver and Thailand this November
  • Currently prepping for my 9th bodybuilding show (Naturals 2019 in Toronto) - I placed 3rd in my category this past August
  • Maternal language is french; I can speak a little bit Spanish and German
  • Sponsored by Magnum for the past 2 years - recently went to the Olympia with them which was a successful weekend.
  • I own more gym clothes than actual everyday clothing (which gym fanatic doesn't)

What Do You Do In your Spare time (when I have some):  I love snowboarding, escape rooms/movies, play the piano

Favourite Body Part To Train: Glutes/hammies and shoulder

Least Favourite Body Part To Train: Chest and tricep

Social Media Handles: Instagram: @melly_cyr ; Facebook and YouTube: Melanie Cyr

Anything else about you?: see below